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17 of the Hands-Down Best Pizza Places in Orange County

Grab a Slice of ‘Za From These Local Outposts

With humble beginnings as a savory Neapolitan confection over 300 years ago, pizza has grown into nothing short of a cultural phenomenon, capturing the hearts of citizens around the world with its simple yet iconic flavor profile. Once a simple combination of dough, tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese, pizza-making has become an art—with new varieties and takes on this Italian classic emerging and each little corner of the world adding its own flavor to pizza’s growing portfolio. Fortunately enough, Orange County is chock-full of talented pizza artisans, allowing pie lovers to experience the entire spectrum of delicious iterations that this magical dish has to offer. Read on to see our picks for the best pizza in Orange County.


Skål Pizza

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Best Pizza Orange County
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Grab a pie at Newport Beach’s newest pizza hotspot, Skål! This farm-to-table waterfront restaurant opened just last year and has since won the hearts (and taste buds) of both locals and visitors. It’s the little details that keep people coming back—from the custom pizza boxes to unique toppings like smoked salmon, freshly sliced avocado and jalapeño ricotta cheese.

This pizzeria concept, brought to you by restaurateur Helene Henderson (the visionary behind the well-established Malibu Farm) is a little slice of heaven for the health-conscious food lover. Skål takes the pizza experience—one that’s typically greasy and certainly not guilt-free—to new heights, offering veggie-forward, Neapolitan-style pies that are anything but basic. Each ingredient is thoughtfully and sustainably sourced, ensuring freshness with every bite. Grab a seat on the bayside patio and dig into tasty creations like the butternut squash and sage pizza, which features a rich tomato base, vegan gouda, butternut squash and a light drizzle of agave to create a unique blend of spicy and sweet. Whether you are sampling one of their many original combinations or going for something a bit more classic, you cannot go wrong at this farm-to-table pizza restaurant in Newport Beach.

Location: Newport Beach


Grazie Grazie Pizzeria

One of the latest additions to Laguna Beach’s sprawling culinary scene, Grazie Grazie Pizzeria fires up Neapolitan-style pizzas mere steps from Laguna’s shimmering coastline. Importing all their ingredients directly from Italy, Grazie steps away from innovation and strives towards tradition, conquering all the original variations of Neapolitan pizza, including the vibrant margherita, the savory prosciutto and the spicy diavola, paying homage to some of Italy’s most timeless recipes. 

Location: Laguna Beach



Truly Pizza

Credit: Emily Jackson

New to the Orange County scene, this artisanal pizzeria sits in the heart of Dana Point’s revitalized Lantern District and features a sprawling vine-covered patio along with an open-air upstairs space with views. The design of Truly Pizza is simple yet charming with its quaint bistro tables and striped yellow umbrellas, but what has really garnered affection from locals is its craveable collection of pies. From crispy, hearth-baked 12-inch masterpieces like the Umami Mushroom with creamy onion and garlic sauce, smoked mozzarella, roasted mushrooms, toasted sesame oil, sesame seeds, green onion and bonito flakes to their square pizzas like the Smoky Vodka with housemade vodka sauce, mozzarella, semi-dried marinated tomatoes, stracciatella, pistachio lemon pesto and fresh basil, it’s easy to see why Truly Pizza is changing the game.

Location: Dana Point


Kuro Artisanal Pizza

Located within Costa Mesa’s The Lab Anti-Mall, Kuro Artisanal Pizza adds a daring, yet delicious punk-rock-esque twist to traditional Neapolitan-style pizza. From its all-black exterior to its retro decor—that which could be characterized as neo-Renaissance grunge—everything about this spot oozes with nostalgia and charisma, both of which play a role in the making of their delicious pizza. Each of their pies, from the classical Thomas Salsiccia to the original Nacho: Honey and Jalapeno, is made with organic, hand-tossed and meticulously seasoned dough, then is cooked to perfection, making Kuro a must-try during your next expedition to The Lab.

Location: Costa Mesa



Folks Pizzeria

At Folks Pizzeria, unwavering hospitality meets unbridled charm, resulting in a restaurant that is uniquely comforting and incredibly delicious. When arriving, guests are greeted by quaint details, including twinkling string lights, hanging flora and a smiling staff. What starts with warm, doughy bread for the table and a glass of sangiovese, culminates in the arrival of one of their signature, lightly charred and extra fluffy pizzas, each one hand-tossed to perfection, dusted with pecorino and dotted with fresh toppings, all of which are sourced locally, making Folks a farm-to-table pizza experience in Orange County unlike any other.

Location: Costa Mesa



Loosies Pizza

For those seeking that classic thin-crust New York-style pizza, Loosies is one of the best in the business. Serving up huge slices with ample amounts of fresh mozzarella and a tangy yet umami-laden tomato sauce, Loosies takes pride in their ability to bring the authentic, red-checkered tablecloth, by-the-slice NYC experience to the West Coast. Definitely give them a try if you’re craving a bit of that East Coast flavor but don’t want to jet set to get it.

Location: Santa Ana



Rance’s Chicago Pizza

Deep-dish stuffed pizza is a beloved staple in The Windy City, acquiring somewhat of a cult following in the rest of the US over the years. But fans of this iconic Chicago style may be disappointed to hear that an authentic deep-dish pizza is hard to come by on the West Coast. That is until Executive Chef and founder Rance Ruiz, brought Rance’s Chicago Pizza to Orange County. Perfecting his recipe since he was 18 and vetting its authenticity with countless trips to the Midwest, Rance crafts some of the most authentic Chicago deep-dish pizza in the country and is well worth a try for those seeking to satisfy the craving that only a buttery, flaky pan pizza can satiate.

Location: Costa Mesa


Trenta Pizza & Cucina

When it comes to Sicilian-style pizza, Trenta Pizza & Cucina is about as authentic as you can get. Founded by Sicily natives Giorgio Buzzanga and Marco Palazzo, Trenta’s recipe comes straight from the source, incorporating all the bright and crumbly keys to an outstanding Sicilian pizza. So whether you are grabbing one to go or taking time to enjoy their beautiful, stucco-laden dining room and patio, Trenta will make you feel as though you are dining in the heart of the Sicilian countryside.

Location: Costa Mesa


Il Dolce Ristorante

Modern, sleek and delicious, Il Dolce in Costa Mesa blends Old World flavor with new age ambiance in a uniquely stunning way. Their dining room features a comfortable and casual atmosphere for guests to relax while they enjoy starters and craft cocktails, waiting for the real star of the show to arrive: the pizza. Decadent and perfectly crisped, each of Il Dolce’s pizzas are fired in their crackling wood-burning pizza oven, giving each pie a smoky and rich flavor.

Location: Costa Mesa


Fuoco Pizzeria Napoletana

The dedicated pizzaiolos at Fuoco Pizzeria Napoletana have set out to create one thing: a Neapolitan-style pizza that can rival even the best that Naples has to offer. A bold mission no doubt, but the result of this pursuit is one of the most authentic and fresh pizzas in all of Orange County. Importing all their ingredients from Italy, Fuoco’s secret lies in the magic of their one-of-one 1,000-degree, wood-burning oven, which flash fires pizzas in as little as 90 seconds, giving each that distinct airy, smoky Neapolitan flavor. When it comes to authentic Neapolitan pizza in Orange County, Fucoco is as good as it gets.

Location: Fullerton


Zero Zero 39 Pizzeria

Best Pizza Orange County
Credit: ZeroZero39 Pizzeria

Authentic Roman-style pizza is tough to come by outside of Italy’s capital due to its meticulous 72-hour dough-preparation process, but Zero Zero 39 Pizzeria welcomes the challenge and delivers with exceptional results. Founded by two Rome natives, Zero Zero 39 executes each step of the painstaking Roman-style pizza-making process with care and class, starting with authentic Roman zero-flour—the finest-grade flour in all of Italy—acting as the anchor for their signature recipe. The result is a crispy, bubbly and perfectly seasoned pizza, making them one of the very best and most unique pizzerias in the OC.

Location: Anaheim



Sgt. Pepperoni’s

Best Pizza Orange County
Credit: Sgt. Pepperoni’s Pizza Store

For nearly 50 years, Sgt. Pepperoni’s has been hailed as one of the best New York-style pizza parlors in the country, receiving critical acclaim from the Golden Foodie Awards and various publications. And after one bite of their rich, garlicky, hand-crafted pizza, it’s easy to see why. Sgt. Pepperoni’s secret is actually no secret at all—it’s simply just excellent craftsmanship, making all their dough and sauces from scratch and hand-grating fresh mozzarella every single day, resulting in a pie that is packed full of that savory umami flavor that separates NY pizza from the pack. 

Locations: Aliso Viejo, Irvine, Newport Beach 


Brooklyn City Pizzeria & Market

Like its name suggests, Brooklyn City Pizzeria and Market is a fan favorite amongst connoisseurs of New York-style pizza, raking in raving reviews almost daily. While the haunting aroma of their delectably doughy garlic knots may be enough to entice you, their massive, umami-packed pies are what separates Brooklyn City from the pack. Whether you are from the Big Apple or just a longtime fan of NYC pizza, you need to add Brooklyn City Pizzeria to your list of go-to spots for some of the best Orange County pizza.

Location: Laguna Niguel


Lunita’s Pizza

Like their iconic martian mascot suggests, Lunita’s Detroit-style pizza is simply out of this world. This San Juan Capistrano hotspot brings together all the traditional elements of Detroit-style pizza—including a deep-dish crust and a cheesy bottom layer—and takes things a step further by introducing a wide variety of bold signature pies. Whether you are indulging in the sweet and spicy flavors of their Forbidden Fruit jalapeno-pineapple pizza or sinking into the rich and crumbly Boba Feta signature pie, Lunita’s is sure to impress.

Location: San Juan Capistrano


B+C Pizza

B+C Pizza does a lot of things right: freshly shredded mozzarella, innovative signature creations and a tangy yet decadent tomato sauce base. But without a doubt, where B+C really excels is their buttery, beautifully charred crust—so good that even the most devout members of the “I don’t eat the crust” club will surely make an exception. Whether it’s doused in a healthy amount of melted garlic butter or smothered in their freshly grated parmesan cheese, B+C takes the cake when it comes to an expertly tossed, baked and topped crust.

Location: Laguna Niguel


Pitfire Pizza

Credit: Pitfire Pizza

Marked by their iconic pastel pink pizza boxes, Pitfire is as cozy and charming as it gets. Serving up artisanal, wood-fired pizzas, Pitfire prides itself on providing comfortable, casual dining without cutting any corners on quality. Beyond that, Pitfire also boasts an incredible menu of salads and shareables to complement their delicious pizza, as well as well as a beverage program filled with local craft beers, adult slushies, and a tiny but mighty wine list. 

Location: Costa Mesa, Orange


Laventina’s Big Cheese Pizza

Finally, rounding out our list of best pizza in Orange County is none other than the famous Laventina’s Big Cheese Pizza in Newport Beach. It’s no secret that pizza is one of the very best go-to late night snacks, but when you’re seeking a savory late-night indulgence, it can be tough to choose between quality and frugality. But at Laventina’s, the choice is easy. Priding themselves upon providing large, handcrafted and freshly made pies at rock-bottom wholesale pricing, Laventina’s knows the uniting and healing power of sharing a delicious, piping hot pizza with friends and family—a knowledge that is poured into every pizza that comes out of their oven. This locally loved spot has remained one of the most popular pizza places in Orange County for nearly 30 years.

Location: Newport Beach




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