Are You a Plant Murderer? Here Are 5 Plants You Can’t Kill

Instant Jungle Nursery Experts Dig-up and Disclose Their 5 Best Silk Plants 

Written By: Sarah El-Mahmoud
Photography Provided By: Instant Jungle International Silk Plants Orange County

Maintaining plants in your home can be a real thorny affair. But, prickle on this–silk can’t bite. Instant Jungle has a pageantry of faux plants that will make you do a double-take. Whether you’re looking for a touch of nature to join your home, office or next event, the Santa Ana wholesale and retail nursery has a selection of silk plants you’d never suspect don’t need watering.

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1| Tranquility Blooming Silk Plants Orange County

Silk Orchids

Price Range: $85 – $350

If you’re looking for florals, consider a faux orchid. A wide variety of high-quality arrangements are wrapped by hand and feel like real orchids to the touch. Instant Jungle’s Floral Designer, Stephanie Alvarado, recommends the “superstar” Phalaenopsis Orchids. “They really bring about a certain peace and harmony to the modern environment that they live in,” said Alvarado. “Orchids can help maintain a clean and stylish presence.” 

Native Knowledge: Be sure to place your faux plant in an appropriately sized container, just like the real thing. After all, you wouldn’t grow a tree in a teacup! It takes away from the illusion. 

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2| You Had Me At, Aloe Silk Plants Orange County

Silk Succulents

Price Range: $65 – $195

“Our succulents look very lush and dense,” Alvarado said. These versatile and texture-driven fellas are sure to stay looking pretty on your desk. “A lot of times when you get them online, they are kind of sparse, you can see the seams and such, but these have a nice weight to them as well.” Instant Jungle’s variety of silk arrangements can be ordered in all sorts of colors too! 

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3| Bamboo-zled Best Silk Plants

Silk Bamboo

Price Range: $95 – $218

Live bamboo can be impossible to keep indoors–so, let’s fool ‘em! Instant Jungle hand-selects canes from its live nursery, strips the leaves and replaces them with artificial ones. “Our bamboo trees have a stop-and-stare effect on people because they look so real,” Alvarado said. These decorative pieces will completely transform your space with its luscious presence! 

4| Walls Of Silk 

Faux Greenery Walls

Price Range: starts at $99 per sq. ft.

Instant Jungle also can create custom silk walls any size and way you’d like it! “They do look very, very good next to the live version,” Alvarado said. “We also add live elements to them with mosses or different rock finishes. We really blur the lines between live and faux.” How about a silk wall to brighten your dimly lit room? Or you can place them high on your walls to add a unique flair to your space. 

Native Knowledge: The Santa Monica Promenade during the holidays uses Instant Jungle’s Silk Walls to line their ice skating rinks! Who knew?

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5| Like A Moss 

Preserved Moss

Price Range: starts at $99 per sq. ft.

What’s more impressive than real-looking silk plants? Everlasting moss! Instant Jungle offers real, high-quality moss that will keep its color and hold its shape for a long time. “It comes from caves in Italy, actually. They harvest it by hand and use vegetable dye to color it, so it’s free from harsh chemicals,” Alvarado said. Much like preserved flowers, this moss will live on and on. In fact, Instant Jungle’s own in-office preserved moss has kept for four years and—as a bonus—seems to repel dust!

Ready for beautiful florals and luxurious greenery without the tender love and care (and impracticality) most live plants come with? Check out Instant Jungle’s silk offerings. Their hand-crafted creations are highly customizable! 

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