Bloomers La Jolla Tells Us Just How to Pick ‘Em

Flower Power

Written By: Alana Aronson Bloomers La Jolla
Photographed By: Julie Jones

The holidays that fall in autumn and winter are filled with opportunities to host your friends and family, colleagues and customers. Kristen Tebbetts, owner of Bloomers of La Jolla, sat down with us to offer up her top tips when it comes to picking the most powerful flowers for any occasion.

1. Keep Your Guests in Mind
“If the recipient has a favorite, I like to use that as a focal flower or their favorite color as a highlight and then work with what’s in season to accompany it.”

2. Feeling Over Fluff
“Flowers are a luxurious, flattering gift, meant to evoke a specific emotion in the moment rather than be a piece of decor in one’s home.”

3. Choose Mood
“Focus on the mood you want to create at the event and go from there rather than being concerned with the color of the carpet and drapes.”

4. Set the Vibe
“Classy might include more traditional flowers such as hydrangea and roses, while casual might include some fun pods or unique elements like kale. If you were celebrating something specific such as a birthday or congratulations, I would suggest hot, vibrant colors to help the flowers pop and make it feel more like a party atmosphere. For romance, use more subtle color palettes such as softer tones of pale pink and peach, you can even mix in a deep wine or burgundy tone for a little more drama.”

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