BRABUS Is Building Dreams on Wheels—Here’s How

An Automotive Gem Rebuilt From the Ground Up

Written By: LOCALE Editors
Photography Provided By: BRABUS Vintage Car restoration

For more than 40 years, BRABUS, the world’s most renowned and high-performance tuning corporation, has worked tirelessly to bring classic cars back to life. With a commitment to performance and a will for perfection, the BRABUS team continues to create custom works of art to reflect today’s cutting-edge technology and their passion for restoration. With that said, we’ve broken down the BRABUS Classic 6-Star Restoration process. Here’s how it’s done. 


Deconstruction Vintage Car restoration

To begin, the body is separated from the frame and measured before the paint is chemically removed. Each piece of the vehicle is thoroughly inspected. Individual parts are reconditioned, and worn out or missing components are replaced with newly constructed parts.


Painted to Perfection Vintage Car restoration

After the car has been inspected, disassembled and stripped of its paint, BRABUS experts rework the body shell. Then, using state-of-the-art paint protection technologies, the process of Cataphoretic Dip Priming (CDP) begins to ensure complete corrosion protection. The paint is applied in the vehicle’s original color.


Unrivaled Shine 

To ensure the value of the car is retained in the future, all crevices of the vehicle are sealed. Glass components like headlamp lenses, windows and windshield are replaced with new ones. 

The Final Fit Vintage Car restoration

Before the final chrome plating is applied, elaborately restored chrome details, such as bumpers, chrome trim and badges, are fine-tuned for a precise fit. 


The Technical Side

After the exterior has been re-assembled with the utmost care, the engine is disassembled and all of its components are measured. The BRABUS drivetrain technicians recondition the transmission, differential and driveshaft with that same precision. The suspension and the brakes are returned to new condition. Shock absorbers and springs are replaced, and all axles are fitted with new bearings. To ensure complete safety and reliability after the car is restored, all electrical parts are overhauled and a new wire harness is installed.

Down Under

The vehicle’s underbody paneling and the inside of the fender wells are painted in the same original color. In order to provide protection, a seal is applied.


A Look Inside

In the company’s upholstery shop, the interior is crafted using the same specifications as the original. Fabric, leather and flooring materials are finished with accuracy in every detail.

After hours of intense labor, the vehicle is restored to its original glory. The BRABUS team prides itself in precision, perfectionism and an undying love of detail—the reward is like no other. From enviably rare sports cars to uncompromisingly renovated 6-Star Mercedes-Benz classics, the BRABUS team continues to offer customers across the globe dreams on wheels.

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