Bravo’s “Real Estate Wars” Star Spyro Kemble and Albert Del Rio Talk Teamwork

The Dynamic Duo Behind Spyro Kemble Group Discuss How They Work Together

Written By: Nicole Hakim Real Estate Wars

Whether you are looking for your first home, a bigger home for your growing family or even the beach home of your dreams, moving into a new place is a new adventure; you deserve to work with someone who cares about what they do and what you are looking for. Spyro Kemble and Albert Del Rio of the Spyro Kemble Group under Surterre Properties—the leading luxury brokerage in Orange County—have dedicated their lives to ensuring that every client embarks on a fantastic adventure as they search for his or her dream home.

Kemble, who is the current president of the Newport Beach Board of Realtors, credits the similarities and differences between him and his business partner, Albert Del Rio, for the success of their team. Sharing a common focus to destress markets and luxury markets, the two have banded together to ensure that each client feels appreciated and important because as Kemble states, “without them, they wouldn’t be here.” Before joining Kemble at Surterre Properties, Del Rio had experience in high volume based real estate at his own brokerage. Kemble thinks of both of them—there is a 20-year age difference between the two—as an old bull and young bull.

As an old bull, Kemble has a great deal of knowledge about the market, and guides his partner through the elusive luxury market, and as a young bull, Del Rio has all the energy, enthusiasm, and patience—which is needed in such a time consuming client-comes-first business. Kemble, according to Del Rio, “knows an area by the way it pulses and lives because he knows the people that live in those communities, and therefore, it’s almost as if he knows what area is right for clients.” Thanks to 30 years of experience, Kemble has built up an excellent relationship with clientele and other agents and has been able to transfer that trust to Del Rio.

Kemble and Del Rio take their friendship outside of work—Kemble says their relationship is not 8-5; it is 24/7—by hanging out and even going on vacation together. This is something that is reflected in the way they deal with clients, and it has allowed them to gain a strong, personal contact with them. Del Rio hand delivers Christmas gifts, while Kemble has thrown dinner parties that allow them to keep a strong and effective relationship with their clients. These men hold so much trust for one another, which drives them to work together to keep each other informed, manage clients’ expectations and maintain clients’ confidence. With active clients around the clock, it is important to focus on the clients’ needs, and the trust they have for each other ensures clients that their needs will be met. Based in Newport, Del Rio will go anywhere he must to learn about an area and to find a client the perfect home—including Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Laguna Beach, etc., regardless if it’s a property as low as $265,000 or a property as high as $16,000,000.

Outside of work and just hanging out, Kemble and Del Rio are passionate about philanthropy. They travel internationally to support the Mrs. Globe Pageant, a fundraiser run by Dr. Tracy Kemble that features 70-80 contestants and aims to raise money for abused women. The pageant, which was been hosted in numerous countries, has been in China for the last four years, and both Kemble and Del Rio have been traveling there to support the event. Kemble is also passionate about sharing his career best practices with the world of real estate professionals, and is an active speaker for organizations like C.A.R. as well as a content contributor to

Together, Spyro Kemble and Albert Del Rio have taken their differences and years of experience to become congruent in what they do in the real estate field. They are extremely passionate about what they do inside and outside of work. Though they may support different football teams—Kemble supports UCLA and Del Rio supports USC—they can guarantee their clients that no matter what side they’re on, they’ll represent them. According to Kemble, “Diversity is important in a relationship,” and because these men are both similar and different, they are able to connect to each other, their clients and their organizations.

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