Brighten up Your Home With a Little Inspo From Dazey LA’s Dazeywood Penthouse

This Might Be the Cutest Apartment in LA 

Written by: Jennifer Pellerito
Photography Provided By: Danielle Nagel Dazeywood Penthouse

Welcome to Dazey Den, the latest venture by Danielle Nagel, the entrepreneur behind the wildly popular clothing company, Dazey LA. If you haven’t already heard, Dazey Den is Nagel’s newest undertaking into the world of interior design. Lucky for us, her latest creative endeavor is only just beginning to blossom. 

Creativity can barely be contained within the walls of Nagel’s latest project, the Dazeywood Penthouse—an apartment in Los Angeles’ Beachwood Canyon. The 2,000-square foot apartment sits on the top floor of a Spanish-style triplex. Nagel and her boyfriend, Phillip Butler, decided to move into the space after designing their Dazey Desert rental home in Palm Springs. 

“After spending time at the desert house and then coming back to our relatively small, little, uninspired apartment in LA, we were like, we should really use the money we’ve been able to make with the rental, and just get a spot that we really, really love in LA,” says Nagel. She took the opportunity to design their new apartment as a space that potentially could be rented for photoshoots, although those plans eventually fell through. Now, the Dazeywood Penthouse is the space that Nagel and Butler call home.

“It’s such a game-changer: living in a space that you’re really inspired by, especially as a designer,” she says.

Naturally, Nagel dreamt up a grand color scheme that entirely transformed the space. Using paint by Dunn-Edwards, Nagel and Butler painted the apartment in pink, yellow, blue and green shades. Surprising as it may sound, the colors flow cohesively from room to room without skipping a beat. A fusion of glam furnishings and bohemian accessories tie the look together.

The space now represents a shift in Nagel’s personal design aesthetic. “Even as a t-shirt designer, I’m doing more funky, Art Deco, ‘90s, artsy kind-of design, versus my super ‘70s stuff that I was doing a few years ago,” she says. Nagel’s selection of artwork hits this point home—a Matisse print complements the pink wall opposite, and one of Nagel’s own whimsical print designs incorporates the same color scheme. In the living room, soft pink walls and a sage-green tiled fireplace come together with a statement rug—a vintage Moroccan that features both colors effortlessly.

“We wanted it to be very bubbly and chunky and soft and pink,” Nagel says. “There’s some midcentury touches in our new apartment, but it’s very Moroccan meets Art Deco—it’s super fun.” 

Danielle Nagel 
@danidazey Dazeywood Penthouse
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