Bloom Into Your Best Self With These Top-of-the-Line Cannabis Products

Written By: Lauren McCarran
Photographed By: Sandra Colbert Thompson Cannabis Delivery Palm Springs

When in California, do what the Californians do bestenjoy your vacation with some top-notch cannabis. While you lounge at the pool on your inflatable swan or before you begin your hike through the picturesque canyons, be sure to place an order from Flower Market for an exceptional staycation experience.

Cannabis is finally on the list of conveniences you can enjoy without leaving the couch, the pool or even the golf course. Flower Market’s website is easy to navigate with a user-friendly interface—even after an edible or two! Just sign up for and collect loyalty reward points with every purchase! You can also follow @flowermarket_delivery on Instagram and sign up for emails to receive special deals. Once you place your order, you’ll receive status updates via text. If you’re overwhelmed by the nearly 200 high-quality products available, their customer service representatives will happily guide you in making the best choice to match your mood.

Native Knowledge: Look for special surprise promo products included with most purchases!

Benjamin Brayfield, the CEO of Flower Market, works hard to establish growing connections with his clients and tailor orders to each person’s taste. Brayfield and his team meticulously curate products on their online marketplacesome of the most popular being gummies and pre-rolled smokes. They’re consistently adding new goods and can vouch for the quality of each item. They can select the right flowers, tinctures, edibles or vapes to enhance any experience. Brayfiled’s philosophy centers around making his community feel like family, and it reverberates throughout the company.

You don’t have to be a local to be treated like part of the Flower Market family. “We consider ourselves an extension of the hospitality service,” says Brayfield. “Our service allows people to stay in the moment on their vacation without breaking up their day.”

Native Knowledge: Scroll down on Flower Market’s homepage for exclusive deals and promos.

Whether you’re looking to elevate your vibe with a discreet gummy or prefer something steeped with CBD to indulge in a spa treatment, Flower Market has the expertise to raise your experience to a higher level. The client comes first, as Brayfield puts it, “We’re always listening.”

To get you started, we’ve rounded up several of Flower Market’s best products for you to try. From cannabis-infused mints to berry-flavored edibles, Flower Market has it all and is ready to help you safely and effectively embark on your cannabis journey.


1 | Old Pal Shareables Cannabis Delivery Palm Springs

Type: Sativa, Indica or Hybrid
Use: For a convenient high
Flavor/Taste: Musty, grasslike


2 | F/ELD Extracts Airgraft Pod

Type: Variety of Strains
Use: To mellow out by the pool or take a peaceful stroll
Flavor/Taste: Earthy and piney


3 | Beboe Edibles Cannabis Delivery Palm Springs

Type: Sativa or Indica
Use: Sativa will brighten your day while the indica will help you wind down
Flavor/Taste: Fruity, berry-flavored pastilles reminiscent of a SweeTarts candy


4 | Camino Gummies Cannabis Delivery Palm Springs

Type: Sativa, Indica or Blends
Use: For balancing your mind, uplifting your soul and everything in between
Flavor/Taste: Classic flavors (apricot) to unique tastes (pineapple habanero)


5 | Pax Pen Cannabis Delivery Palm Springs

Type: Sativa, Indica or Hybrid
Use: For the tech-savvy smoker who aims for discretion
Flavor/Taste: Variety of flavors


6 | Flow Kana Pre-rolls

Type: Sativa, Indica or Hybrid
Use: For the traveler looking for a full-spectrum experience, rolled and ready to go
Flow Kana: Flavor profiles vary based on the strain, from lemon to pineapple
Lowell: Earthy with notes of pine and citrus


7 | WYLD Gummies

Type: Sativa, Indica, Hybrid or CBD-infused
Use: For getting comfy and decompressing
Flavor/Taste: A variety of fruit flavors from marionberry to pomegranate


8 | Breez Mints Cannabis Delivery Palm Springs

Type: Cannabis-Infused Mints
Use: For the consumer with a higher tolerance who doesn’t want a lot of extra ingredients with their edibles
Flavor/Taste: Mint


9 | Papa & Barkley Cannabis Balm

Type: Cannabis-Infused Salve
Use: To ease inflammation and chronic pain
Flavor/Taste: Scented with eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint and lavender


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