Celebrity Hairstylist Sean James Is Tressed to Impress

Photographed By: Matt Misisco Celebrity Hair Stylist Sean James

Expert: Sean James
Credentials: Celebrity Hairstylist

1 | Healthy Start Celebrity Hair Stylist Sean James

Gold’s Gym | Huckleberry

Start at Gold’s Gym from 4-5 a.m., then head to Huckleberry for breakfast. I love everything there, but at the moment I’m on a no-bread kick, so it’s probably something boring like egg whites (even though I’d prefer Dad’s Pancakes).

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2 | Treat Yo’Self Celebrity Hair Stylist Sean James

Santa Monica Seafood Market and Cafe

On cheat day, I’ll go to Santa Monica Seafood Market and Cafe. Their Fish and Chips are to die for and the deli there has the freshest seaweed salad. Then, I’ll surf or swim in the ocean, go home and get ready for whoever’s hair I’m fortunate enough to get to do!

3 | Fresh off the Rack Celebrity Hair Stylist Sean James

Vivienne Westwood | Just One Eye

For the best fashions, I’ll call Vivienne Westwood on Melrose and let them know I need something in my size. I’ll also check in with my friend at Just One Eye, an exclusive department store gallery.

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4 | Best Tressed

Matthew Preece Salon | FHI Heat

You can always find me at Matthew Preece Salon to get my hair done or to prep [one of my clients]. My go-to hair products and tools are from FHI Heat. High Altitude Root Lift Spray is a must! Check out Sean James‘ work here!

Matthew Preece Salon
1122 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90401

5 | Let Loose


If we go downtown, then we for sure will stop at Precinct. Every night is different there, and even though I don’t drink, it’s my favorite gay bar to go to in LA. The people are friendly and not so self-conscious like in other parts of town.

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6 | Work/Life Balance

Hollywood’s fun, but always family first! If the call comes in that there’s someone who needs [their hair done], then I jump to action, [but family] takes priority over everything. For example, this year I’m [prepping a party] the night before leaving for my nephew’s wedding in New Zealand. 

7 | Coming up Next

Photogenics Army

I always check in with Armando Daniel, my agent at Photogenics Army, to see how my schedule is going. This year I have Weird Al Yankovic and Jamie Lee Curtis [to name a few].

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