This Champagne Club in San Diego Will Deliver Bottles of Premium, Boutique Bubbles Right to Your Doorstep

This Is a Club You Need to Be a Part Of Champagne Delivery 

Written By: Kaylin Waizinger
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Four years ago, Shiloh Caffrey and her family left behind their fast-paced SoCal lifestyle and moved to the tiny medieval village of Montone, Italy. After-school sports practices and morning commutes were swiftly replaced with afternoon wine tastings, kickball games in the backyard and a cherished sense of togetherness. 

With just three restaurants, a handful of houses and a couple hundred residents, Monotone offered Caffrey and her family of four an opportunity to experience the purest form of Italian living. “Southern California is so fast-paced,” says Caffrey. “It’s not LA or New York City, but there is such an importance placed on being productive and efficient. Living in Montone was a huge contrast––it kind of felt like quarantine!”  Champagne Delivery

After 12 months of cherishing local Italian culture and exploring a number of family-run vineyards and wineries, they decided to move back to California, spending the next six months in Napa Valley. “There is so much knowledge of the industry [in Napa] so I started studying wine. People are so versed in it that even the local liquor stores carry such amazing wines!” says Caffrey.

The slow-paced life of Italy and the traditional wine-making techniques they use, paired with her education from Napa sparked a creative passion for authentically made champagne. “But San Diego is home for us,” she explains. So her family returned to Encinitas, but Caffrey found herself in a predicament. She noticed that the bottles available in San Diego are essentially all over-priced, mass-produced, label-driven champagnes and sparkling wines. “I had to do something about it,” says Caffrey. With a dose of encouragement from her husband and a love for clean-farmed, boutique bubbles, Caffrey launched We Drink Bubbles––a champagne club that delivers premium, hand-crafted, small-batch sparkling wines from around the globe right to your doorstep.  Champagne Delivery

Caffrey obtained the licensing to sell alcohol online, and by the time her family had resettled in San Diego County, she had formed relationships with wine reps and put together her first club shipment. “At the time, most people I knew were buying champagne by the case at Costco anyway,” says Caffrey. “So, I sent an email out to all of my best friends and acquaintances who I know like champagne, and that kind of got the ball rolling. Champagne is one of the easier things to convince people to try, and when you have a product that you’re passionate about and you know is good, sharing it is really easy.”  Champagne Delivery

Just like the wineries in Italy, Caffrey distributes non-synthetically farmed wine made using an all-natural process. From planting the vineyard to putting the cork in the bottle, each wine comes from one specific family-owned vineyard and is made in a much smaller batch. “The bottles I curate are meant to represent a particular season, year and plot of land; I love that they tell a story. It’s a farmers market product as opposed to a mass-produced bottle,” she says. And while her selections rotate frequently, each wine contains no added sugars or chemicals. “The difference you feel when you’re drinking cleaner, non-chemically farmed wine is huge––it becomes a no-brainer!”

Ready to join the club? Us too! Here’s how it works: the idea is that you can get as many bottles as you want, when you want them. Whether you’re a bubbles fanatic and can’t wait to try a variety of vintage champagnes or you just want to dip your toes in the water, We Drink Bubbles lets you customize your membership without any fees––you just pay for the wine! The bottles rotate, so you recieve new selections every month and you can pause, skip or gift whenever you like. “I wanted to cater to older and maybe wealthier people who want high-end champagne on hand and also those who are in their 20s [and] just want to try it,” says Caffrey. Champagne Delivery

During the past few months, it’s been difficult to find ways to celebrate with cancelled graduation ceremonies, restaurant closures, birthdays spent at home and a plethora of safety regulations in place. But for Caffrey, aside from sharing her passion with others, she believes that life is worth celebrating, which is her company’s motto. “It means pausing in whatever moment it is…and celebrating both the big and the little things,” she says. So whether you just finished a tumultuous work week or you’re having the gals over for a birthday brunch, there is always a time and a place for a pop, fizz and clink!

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