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Channel Your Inner Gatsby Via Starfish Laguna Beach’s Whiskey Blossom

This Drink is the Perfect After-Work Cocktail

Written By: Kelli WithanEye
Photography By: Ed Visions

Starfish, located in South Laguna, is the ultimate hot spot with a versatile menu that speaks “come as you are.” Kayli Luz, the Manager and Event Coordinator, admires the clientele that fills their tables each night. “We have the artists, the wealthy business people, people who have come right off the beach and the families that vacation here,” Luz said. No matter the background, they love their whiskey.

To much of the populace, whiskey is the faceless drink that people like Ron Swanson sip on. While this is a perfectly serviceable beverage, it needed a little modern-day touch to bring it back to life. Enter the Whiskey Blossom!

The roots of the Whiskey Blossom are connected to the well-known whiskey sour, but with an added twist that caters to every taste. The key ingredients include Kentucky Straight Bourbon, fresh lemon, clover blossom honey, sweet and sour, egg whites, dashes of orange bitters and Angostura bitters and finished with an orange twist. “The intention of using the fresh egg whites is to give it the velvety mouthfeel that is oftentimes omitted from modern-day cocktails,” Luz explained.

What makes the Whiskey Blossom hip and happenin’? There are few locations that make cocktails in their traditional form, so Starfish is throwing it back—way back to the 1920s with all the bells and whistles. To add their own flair, they serve the drink in a martini glass. “With the martini glasses, there’s no chance that it will get watered down like it could with ice cubes, and the presentation of a martini glass is a bit more sleek and sexy.”

The Whiskey Blossom has a muted sweetness and hint of bourbon spice, making it a perfect post-holiday treat to sip on and warm up with friends. Starfish is also a great location for booking events like a whiskey-themed bachelor party, a birthday party or even a rehearsal dinner. They have a well-versed staff on the menu and drink options. “We want everyone who comes in to feel comfortable trusting their server. Our servers will give them a tour of the menu and guide them based on what they like,” Luz said. Bottoms up!

B-A-N-A-N-A-S: A few of Starfish’s popular dishes are steamed and served in banana leaves, like the Wild Thai Halibut.

Native Knowledge: Every Monday night, Starfish celebrates Industry Night, where hospitality staff and a guests can come get 50 percent off their entire check—including liquor!

Starfish Laguna Beach
30832 S Pacific Coast Hwy
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

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