This Encinitas-Based Farm Has the Secret to a Successful Garden

Adam McCurdy Shares His Top Tips for a Blooming Home Garden

Written By: Aletta Cooke
Photographed By: Leah Steiger Coastal Roots Farm

Old McDonald may have had a farm, but he could never dream up the experience Coastal Roots Farm gives. Located in Encinitas, this picturesque property sits on over 70 acres and features sustainable agricultural produce that serves to help fight food insecurity and cultivate the land based on ancient Jewish traditions. With over 17 years of farming experience, Adam McCurdy, Coastal Roots Farm’s farm manager, shares tips on how to create your home garden. 


Can You Dig It?

“Making sure your soil is healthy is essential to a great garden. Grab a soil test kit from A & L Western Soil Labs to see what nutrients are already in your soil.”


‘Tis the Season

“Bring in the springtime with the right crops that mix up your garden with their different bloom times. Radishes, broccoli, carrots, kale, chard, collards, lettuce and Bastia are the perfect fit.”


Bug Off!

“Not all bugs are bad—in fact, a diverse group of insects can help keep the good bugs around and kick the bad ones to the curb. Protect your garden with the biodiversity of insects by using IPM (Insect Pesticide Management) for an organic option.”


Tomato, To-Ma-To

“Tomatoes are very susceptible to pests and fungal infections. Plan to work hard up front and continue doing so throughout the season to be rewarded with these ripe veggies.”


Best Buddies Coastal Roots Farm

“Sometimes a natural garden can use a little bit of help. Products such as Thin Reemay Floating Row Crop Covers can protect and grow your garden.”


Coastal Roots Farm
441 Saxony Rd
Encinitas, CA 92024

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