Drop and Give Me Zen: 6 Instagram Gurus to Follow Right Now

Find Strength With These Mindful Gals

Written By: Sara Hyland Yoga Instagrams to Follow

It’s hard to know who to look to for direction when you want to turn your life around—when you want to better yourself both mentally and physically. Luckily there are some amazing women in the world who have used Instagram as a tool to inspire those who want to do just that. Whether you’re looking to find mindfulness through yoga, adventure through travel or health through smart eating, there is always someone on Instagram you can find to ignite something in yourself to evolve. Below are some stellar examples of the inspirational souls you can find on Instagram whenever you’re ready to make a change for the better.

 Yoga Instagrams to Follow

Aerial Cetnar

After becoming a registered yoga teacher in 2014, Aerial set out to fulfill one of her greatest passions. She has an unshakable dedication to helping people achieve a mental state of wellness through the benefits of yoga. Her focus is mental health. She believes yoga can help one attain compassion and self love. In her classes, she teaches meditation and mindfulness in order to help her students reach those states of mental awareness. On her Instagram you will find photos of her holding yoga poses anywhere from the beach, to parks, to hiking trails. Her lovable poodle is a frequent guest as well.

Yoga Instagrams to Follow  Yoga Instagrams to Follow  Yoga Instagrams to Follow

Remi Ishizuka

A photo posted by REMI ╳ ISHIZUKA (@rrayyme) on


Remi is a sprightly student health coach with a palpable love for fitness. It started with her blog, when all she wanted to do was help people by answering any questions they may have on how to become their best selves. One thing she loves to share on both her blog and Instagram is recipes of anything from detox drinks to a nice breakfast before a good workout. As for her passion for healthy living, she inspires with her fearless dedication to the occasional HIIT (high intensity interval training) session. Her love for workout fashion is apparent on her Instagram; she always gives shout-outs to the line she happens to be sporting for that workout.

Yoga Instagrams to Follow

Melissa Eckman

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Up until last year, Melissa was being what her Master’s degree in accounting deemed her to be: a CPA. But now, she is the creator of the ever so popular Yogspiration blog, and has been slowly building her yoga empire ever since. As a fitness and lifestyle model as well as a yoga teacher, she is constantly busy wearing one of her many hats. Her Instagram showcases her travels, her healthy lifestyle, as well as her passion for finding mindfulness through yoga. Her Yogspiration fashion line includes shirts with sayings such as “Yoga & Unicorns, ” “Yoga & Tacos, ” and the like. It’s safe to say her life if #goals.

Alexandra Carson


Alex is a travel and adventure blogger with a passion for yoga. She is also the co-creator of Couple’s Coordinates, an establishment dedicated to all things couples travel, city guides, travel tips and romantic getaways. On her Instagram you will discover the story of the world through her eyes, as well as how to find that perfect state of mindfulness through yoga. She also, more often than not, has the perfect quote to inspire her audience for the day. What is refreshing about her Instagram is she isn’t afraid to show her adventurous side, but she also isn’t afraid to show the side that can find an adventure in her own backyard.

Yoga Instagrams to Follow

Jordan Younger


The way Jordan sums up herself in her Instagram bio is thus: blogger, wellness junkie, world wanderer, living the balanced life. But her photos speak for themselves. She posts her “fuel for the day, ” the perfect yoga pose or her current location, whether it be at home, the beach or an Adele concert. She is also the creator of the health-inspired conscious clothing line TBB Apparel, as well as the author of the finding-balance memoir Breaking Vegan. A lover of relaxation, summer, tea, Sundays, anything tropical, running, her kitten and walks, Jordan is full of life, and wants to share a part of it with her audience.

Yoga Instagrams to Follow

Kayla Itsines

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With over 5 million followers, it’s safe to say Kalya is making an impact. As the co-creator of the Bikini Body Guide program, she has been featured everywhere from The Today Show to The View. Her Instagram features posts with before and after photos of women who have tried and succeeded through the program. On her Instagram, you will also find examples of what you’ll discover through her app, including but not limited to: recipes, workout tips and, of course, amazing results. Through her guidance, over 10 million women have become healthier, fitter and more confident. Yoga Instagrams to Follow

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