Credit: SCP Hotels
Credit: SCP Hotels

How to Plan the Perfect Eco-Friendly Staycation in Laguna Beach

From Sustainable Hotels to Plant-Based Dining, Here’s How to Go Green

With breathtaking beaches, a quaint downtown area and your pick of several award-winning restaurants, Southern California’s lovely Laguna Beach is the ultimate destination for a restful getaway. Known for its prospering art scene and variety of sustainable businesses, Laguna Beach is teeming with fun activities for the eco-conscious traveler. Whether you’re seeking unique wellness experiences or looking for the ultimate restful retreat, here’s our recipe for the perfect eco-friendly staycation in Laguna Beach!

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If you’re someone who needs nothing more than a vacation focused on nourishing your mind, body and soul—all while reducing your carbon footprint—a stay at SCP Seven4One Hotel is for you. SCP Hotels’ mission is focused specifically on wellness for the soul, community and planet. And the best part is this oceanside hideaway is only a 10-minute walk to both the beach and downtown Laguna! Fueled by a vision to enhance connections to our planet and each other, SCP Seven4One is the dream destination for those seeking to prioritize health, sustainability and social good. Every time someone stays at an SCP Hotel, they directly support aligned organizations, including WE Well-Being, Miracles for Kids and One Tree Planted. With mindfully-designed rooms that create a tranquil ambiance and a lobby that bodes SoCal-friendly vibes, SCP Seven4One offers a staycation experience like no other.


Good for the Soul

Explore the Shore with Beach Valet Service

As a guest of SCP Seven4One, enjoying Laguna’s iconic beach culture is a breeze. Walk down to the sand in front of SCP Seven4One’s sister hotel, Laguna Riviera, and receive complimentary Beach Valet service. This means lounge chairs and umbrellas are waiting for you and set up by the Beach Valet team. Simply relax and reconnect with nature as the sound of the waves and the warmth of the sunshine help you recharge.



Indulge in a Treatment from The OC Ayurveda


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With life always moving seemingly fast, it’s time to rest and relax, and The OC Ayurveda knows exactly what you need to truly unwind. With treatments designed to help you achieve ultimate healing, The OC Ayurveda’s approach to incorporating wellness is one that you’ll take home with you. With treatments ranging from herbal steaming and massage therapy to Ayurvedic medicine and lifestyle counseling, any remedy you choose to indulge in will strengthen your physical and mental health, leaving your mind with the clarity it needs. 


Hike the El Moro Canyon Short Loop Trail

eco-friendly staycation Laguna Beach - El Moro Canyon Short Loop Trail
Credit: Unsplash

Just north of Laguna Beach lies Crystal Cove State Park, a protected area encompassing 12.3 acres along the Southern California coast. Lace up your hiking shoes and explore the park’s El Moro Canyon Short Loop Trail—a 2.9-mile loop perfect for those in search of some fresh air! 


Find Restfulness in Your Peaceful Room at SCP Seven4One

Credit: SCP

A good night’s sleep is essential for enjoying a new day of adventure ahead. SCP Seven4One has designed each room with sleep in mind; each room is free of digital distractions and equipped with sound machines, essential oil diffusers, circadian lights, air purifiers and calming pillow mists. 


Good for the Community

Shop at the Laguna Beach Farmers Market 

From fresh-picked flowers to organic coffee, there’s something for everyone at the Laguna Beach Farmers Market. On Saturday morning, grab your reusable bags and explore one of the best farmers markets in SoCal. Known for its vast selection of organic produce, fresh-baked goods and artisanal foods, this local event is a crowd pleaser. With a stunning view of Laguna Beach and over 40 vendors to browse through, this farmers market is a must for anyone looking to shop sustainably in a peaceful place.



Channel Your Flow With a Complimentary Yoga Class at SCP Seven4One

Credit: SCP

Whether you’re a full-blown yogi or a complete beginner, taking a complimentary yoga class at SCP Seven4One is an essential piece for the revitalizing retreat we all need. Every Sunday at 8:30 a.m., guests of SCP Seven4One gather in the outdoor atrium for a yoga session hosted by a professional instructor. If you don’t think it gets much better than some early-morning yoga during a SoCal sunrise, you’re mistaken because anyone who attends their session gets complimentary late check out!


Sea Kayaking With La Vida Laguna

eco-friendly staycation Laguna Beach - sea kayaking
Credit: Unsplash

To experience the beauty of Laguna’s coast up close, book an eco-kayak tour with La Vida Laguna! This tour company will take you on a seafaring journey where you’ll get to witness everything from contoured cliffs and hidden beaches to massive kelp forests and healthy fisheries. The best part? You’ll also get to visit Seal Rock, which is home to a colony of California Sea Lions!



Good for the Planet

Enjoy Plant-Based Eats at Active Culture

Nourishing your body doesn’t end with rest and relaxation! At Active Culture, everything is made from scratch using wholesome ingredients and recipes that fuel you up. Affordable and satisfying, this counter service-style cafe has become a local staple and has grown from one to five different locations. From their OG Wholesome Bowl packed with whole grains and crisp veggies to the sweet and plentiful Bountiful Acai Bowl, Active Culture is a great pit stop for anyone looking to nourish their body with plant-based eats.


Visit the Pacific Marine Mammal Center

Credit: Amy Asher / Unsplash

Visiting the local residents at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center is an instant mood-booster. At Laguna Beach’s Pacific Marine Mammal Center, anyone can come in to visit the local rescued seals and wildlife. From California sea lions and harbor seals to northern elephant seals and fur seals, being able to see marine life rehabilitated before your eyes is something you’ll always remember. And with free admission, it’s a visit well worth your time.

For a getaway that’s good for your soul, good for the community and good for the planet, book your stay at SCP Seven4One today and experience all that Laguna Beach has to offer!

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Noelle Dahl graduated from Sonoma State University in 2020 with a BA in English. Currently living in Huntington Beach, Noelle spends her days throwing pottery, combing the beach for seashells or planning her next adventure.




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