Support a Good Cause by Attending This Year’s Raise a Hand Event

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America, California, Orange County—we are fortunate enough to live in the land of plenty, the land where we can grow up to do or to be anything, and the land where we can raise up others when they need a helping hand. There’s no argument to the fact that our children are our future, but fewer than half of California’s students are on the right path to flourish in college or in a career. Thankfully, Think Together’s annual Raise a Hand gala, held on April 24, 2020 at the Marriott Irvine Spectrum, is the perfect first step to help make students’ dreams a reality.


1 | Table Talk Think Together

Raise a Hand offers attendees opportunities to meet and speak with local leaders of their community. They will also have the opportunity to dine with the California community and business leaders. There has never been a better time to learn more about the community you love so dearly!

Raise a Hand offers attendees the opportunities to meet and dine with California community and business leaders. Enjoy the company, and learn more about how you can help the kids in your community at the same time.


2 | Bright Futures Think Together

See firsthand how brilliant the next generation is! The evening begins with Meet & Think, an “interactive student experience showcasing Think [Together]’s programs.” Consider it a show and tell…you may learn a few things, yourself.


3 | Pop Quiz: What is Project 2 Million?

This year’s Raise a Hand donations will go towards Think Together’s new initiative, Project 2 Million, a project aiming to ensure that every California community “has a school system equipped to provide their students with a great education.”


4 | Got Your Number Think Together

The best part of any auction? Getting to wave numbered cards in the air, of course. With a stellar arrangement of exciting auction packages, you’ll probably be feeling very generous—and maybe a little competitive, too. 


5 | For a Good Cause

By attending this year’s Raise a Hand, you’ll be experiencing all the best the event has to offer: a beautiful dinner, amazing guests, incredible speakers and a fun auction—but the most important thing you’ll get out of it is a passion for making your community greater, one student at a time.

Still not convinced? Check out the video from last year’s event below!

Think Together
2101 E Fourth St, Ste 200B
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