Credit: RISE Fertility
Credit: RISE Fertility

How Your Journey to Becoming a Parent Can Start at RISE Fertility Through Their Concierge Approach 

Discover a More Accessible, Personalized Way to Start a Family at This OC-Based Fertility Clinic

Let’s be honest–the images and feelings associated with starting or adding to your family aren’t typically ones of cold, monochromatic medical offices or being treated like a case number.  Fertility Services Newport Beach

RISE Fertility agrees with that sentiment entirely. 

Credit: RISE Fertility

With board-certified Dr. Sanaz Ghazal, MD, FACOG leading a talented and dedicated clinical team, RISE Fertility is changing the way patients can become parents in a more caring, comforting environment. This concierge approach to fertility treatment ensures the RISE Fertility team is by their patients’ side every step of the way.

At RISE Fertility, patients experience a difference as soon as they arrive at the Newport Beach or Mission Viejo office; rather than stark white walls, RISE has created a tranquil and modern atmosphere that feels like you’re being invited into a cozy home. “Every inch of our office was designed with intention,” Dr. Ghazal explains. “We want to remove barriers…and create a safe space where people can open up about their hopes, goals, feelings and dreams—it’s not so cold and clinical.” By creating a warm, calming environment, the RISE Fertility staff is better able to connect with patients and build a specialized treatment plan to meet their needs. Fertility Services Newport Beach

Curious about what the process looks like? Before getting started with treatment, RISE will invite you to have a private consultation where you will speak directly with Dr. Ghazal. After checking in with the friendly front desk staff and taking a seat in the cozy lobby, Dr. Ghazal will greet you and guide you to her office, where both parties will have the opportunity to learn more about each other and which options are right for you.

While in her office, Dr. Ghazal will ask about your medical history and review your medical records, but most importantly, she’ll ask about the goals you have for your family’s future. As a mother of three herself, Dr. Ghazal understands the joys and trials of parenthood and wants to help each of her patients receive the best care and treatments possible. Fertility Services Newport Beach

Credit: RISE Fertility

RISE Fertility understands that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to starting or growing a family, which is why they offer a broad selection of treatments for their patients, including in vitro fertilization, embryo transfer, fertility preservation and LGBTQIA+ Fertility Care

With their extensive treatment options, genetic testing and third-party connections, RISE Fertility can help each and every patient discover which treatment paths are best for them and their unique situation. And according to Dr. Ghazal, a large part of finding the ideal treatment plan is education, which RISE Fertility views as a form of empowerment. “Information is power,” Dr. Ghazal says. “The more you understand about your body, the better equipped you are to design your future.”  Fertility Services Newport Beach


After the consultation, you’ll have an exam, including an ultrasound, and potentially blood tests to determine hormone levels and assess your ovarian reserve. After the exam, a RISE financial consultant will meet with you to discuss your options, including global packaging and exclusive financing—options that create more accessible fertility opportunities than their competitors. 

From there, your unique treatment plan will begin, and Dr. Ghazal and the RISE team will be with you during the entire process with the ultimate goal of ending in baby steps.

Fertility Services Newport Beach

RISE Fertility
3333 W Coast Hwy, Ste 300
Newport Beach, CA 92663

26800 Crown Valley Pkwy, Ste 455
Mission Viejo, CA 92691

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