Photography By: Ella Merrill
Photography By: Ella Merrill

7 Reasons to Order Room Service From This Online Cannabis Dispensary in Coachella Valley

Flower Market’s Education-Focused Customer Service Helps Customers Make Smarter Purchases

Written By: Nadine Blanco
Photography By: Ella Merill Flower Market Palm Springs

On your next visit to Palm Springs, consider Flower Market as your cannabis concierge. In all the years that CEO Benjamin Brayfield has worked in the industry, he realized that the primary factor holding customers back from getting cannabis products they truly enjoy was the general lack of knowledge surrounding the shopping experience. How many of us have gone to a dispensary and felt rushed to buy something we weren’t sure about? Not only is it pricey, but it’s also uncomfortable. With Flower Market, customers can feel confident getting high-quality cannabis through a convenient, personalized delivery service. We spoke with Brayfield about what sets Flower Market apart from others. From poolside delivery to educational and accessible rapport between customers and employees, here are seven reasons why Flower Market is Coachella Valley’s obvious choice for cannabis.

1 | Someone’s at the Door Flower Market Palm Springs

You might be reluctant to leave your house if it meant enduring that trademark desert heat of the Coachella Valley. This is precisely why Flower Market’s delivery service is a godsend to locals and vacationers alike. Trusted team members deliver orders straight to your door so that you can stay cool in the comfort of your own AC. “It’s about being in the moment and being able to relax, wherever that might be. That’s why we’re delivering the convenience of bringing it to you, so you can remain in the moment.”

2 | Only the Best Flower Market Palm Springs

Flower Market partners with top-name brands in the industry to curate an inventory of the most thoughtful cannabis products on the market. “We work with brands that are mindful of the products they’re producing. They need to care about how the plant was grown, how it was processed, and they need to make sure there are no artificial flavors or colorings in products like edibles,” explains Brayfield. To ensure customers that their offerings are of the highest quality, Flower Market provides samples for a nominal cost so customers can be sure they’ll like the product. Samples are included with almost every order.

3 | No Longer a First Time Patient

Cannabis has always been used for medicinal purposes throughout history, and with legalization in effect, more people are beginning to realize the ways in which this natural plant relieves many chronic symptoms. Flower Market specializes in delivering to the elderly and to patients who are unable to leave their healthcare facilities or pain clinics. “Healthcare facilities are recognizing that CBD can have benefits to their clients, so they’re looking for professional delivery operators to work with them,” says Brayfield. “In choosing Flower Market, they know all of our products are lab-tested, clean and verifiable, so they’re assured that what their clients are getting is not going to hurt them.”

4 | Room Service, Please!

The gorgeous resorts and sprawling golf courses of Palm Springs beckon visitors from far and wide who want to heighten their vacation with a little cannabis. As mentioned earlier, Flower Market insists that you stay in the moment which is why they offer poolside delivery and room service wherever you’re staying. “We have a great relationship with the concierge community here,” says Brayfield. “They want someone professional coming onto their property and interacting with the guests, who love the idea that they don’t have to interrupt their vacation to get cannabis products.”

5 | The More You Know

Gone are the days of making reluctant purchases in shady dispensaries. Flower Market differs from what’s already out there because they make sure that you’re getting a product that you know you’re going to love. Flower Market employees sit down with brands, visit cultivation gardens and undergo extensive education in order to understand how all the products are made, what goes into them and how it will affect customers. “Clients call with broad questions and love that we give away such detailed answers. It empowers them with the confidence to make informed purchases,” says Brayfield.

6 | Cannabis Concierge Flower Market Palm Springs

Flower Market aims to make shopping for cannabis as painless as possible and it all starts on their website. There, you can shop their inventory of flower, CBD, vape pens, edibles, topicals and more. After specifying where and when you want your order sent, their professional, background-checked drivers hand-deliver it to you personally. If you have any questions along the way, Flower Market’s dedicated team of knowledgeable service ambassadors are ready to assist you over the phone, text or email. “At the end of the day, we want to ensure customers are comfortable spending money on these products.”

7 | Down in the DMs Flower Market Palm Springs

Flower Market is there whenever you need them, which is why they make themselves available through Instagram ( where customers will find educational tidbits and daily specials. There, you’ll find personalized deals and the keys to new experiences. They can recommend products based on whether you’re looking to ease aches and pains or if you’re just looking for something to suit your vibe. “Whatever that path is, we just want to make sure we can facilitate it in a way that’s painless.”

Native Knowledge: Alongside other top-name brands, Flower Market sells their own line of products called Nativ that includes pre-rolls, hash and flower.

Before You Buy: Flower Market includes product samples for a nominal cost so consumers can try something new and avoid letting them splurge on a product they don’t end up liking. Some customers even try more than one at a time!

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