7 Skorch-ing Must-Eats From a San Diego Local

Skorch Founder Lane Petrauskas Uses Her Foodie App to Find the Best Spots in San Diego

Photographed By: Nick Isabella Best food San Diego

Expert: Lane Petrauskas
Credentials: Founder, Skorch

Photoshoot Location:
Lola 55
1290 F St
San Diego, CA 92101

Monday | Communal Coffee

Dare I say I like Mondays? Hear me out—when else can you get that “fresh start” vibe? Mondays are like mini-New-Year’s, and I like to celebrate mine at Communal Coffee so I can work and set a positive tone for the week.

Tuesday | Bobboi Natural Gelato

It’s Tuesday, which means the week’s to-do list is still scary AF. I’ll head to Bobboi Natural Gelato for a pick-me-up (aka their dairy-free passion lemon sorbet). has a gorgeous ocean view, so I’ll take a stroll with a treat in hand—no guarantees I’m not double fisting.

Wednesday | Holy Matcha

I’ll head to Holy Matcha for, you guessed it, matcha. Then I’ll hit up other places on Skorch, where you can find me taking an excessive amount of photos (Hi, I’m the girl standing on the chair taking pics of her food).

Thursday | Lola 55 | Holsem Coffee

For lunch, I’ll go to Lola 55 for low-key, delicious Mexican food. Then I’ll head to Holsem Coffee, where I’ll get a latte with oat milk, if they haven’t run out. This national oat milk shortage is a crisis.

Friday | Ironside Fish & Oyster

Fish tacos at the gorgeous Ironside Fish & Oyster are a must. They’re exclusively on their happy hour menu from 3-6 p.m. It’s a great stop while doing work on my phone. JK, I’m probably on social media.

Saturday | Moniker Coffee

Saturday means no work, but I’m still working. As an entrepreneur, it never stops, and I don’t want it to. I’ll head to Moniker Coffee which has a coffee bar and cocktail bar. Need I say more?

Sunday | Queenstown Public House | Born and Raised

I’ll hit up as many Skorch-worthy spots as possible. I’ll go to Queenstown Public House for brunch. Later, I’ll head to the rooftop at Born and Raised, because it’s mini New Year’s Eve (see Monday), and we deserve a little swank, amirite?

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