This Sandwich Will Make you do the Sriracha-Cha-Cha Slide, and Here’s Why

The Cannery’s Sriracha Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich is All That

Written By: Raphael Madrid
Photographed By: Marivic Divina Fried Chicken Newport Beach

If you told me that we were heading to The Cannery for lunch and to order the Fried Chicken Sandwich, I would say that you are out of your mind. Normally, one would head to a seafood restaurant to devour a denizen of the deep—but in this case, it is easy to make the argument that it wouldn’t be taboo to choose chicken at this Newport spot.  

The Cannery’s Fried Chicken Sandwich is far from average in its construction. The star of this meal is a generously-sized chicken breast, fried golden brown in a blend of Sriracha and buttermilk batter, coupled with a unique harmony of Asian pear, pickled red onion and radish sprouts in a light miso dressing as a magnificent substitute to the conventional coleslaw. As a self-proclaimed “fried chicken connoisseur,” let me be the first to tell you how refreshing it is to have a chicken sandwich as enticing as this one.  

At first bite, you’ll be absolutely hooked! You took the bait so now there is nothing left for you to do but submit your taste buds to the symphony of spices. The immediate impression you get is just how well breaded the breast is, paired in conjunction with the Asian-inspired slaw.  You get the crispiness of the chicken and the crunchiness of the slaw, elevating your experience the deeper you dive. With every bite, you’ll feel a persisting heat from the Sriracha buttermilk—a perfectly-balanced blend of sweet and spicy that’s inexplicably alluring. This unique take on the chicken sandwich you know and love is everything you could ever want in an afternoon by the sea. But, before I knew it, I was done—and I wanted more.

The Cannery
3010 Lafayette Rd
Newport Beach, CA 92663
949.566.0060 Fried Chicken Newport Beach

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