Get Behind the Wheel of A Souped-Up Ride Via BRABUS

These Packages Are More Than Your Average Tune Up

Written By: Angela Hatcher
Photography Provided By: BRABUS USA

You have recently purchased a top-of-the-line Mercedes-Benz that runs effortlessly, has several upgrades and factory-installed amenities, all wrapped up in a shiny, new classic paint job. However, when you visualize your ultimate dream car, your Mercedes might otherwise be decked out in a striking custom hue, perhaps Vista Blue or Cadmium Green, with ultra matching executive-style interior, low profile spoilers and 900 horsepower.

BRABUS, the world’s most renowned and high-performance tuning corporation, which specializes in Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Tesla and Maybach vehicles, offers limitless custom automobile solutions and is able to provide all of your vehicle improvements and heart’s desires. An award-winning company, BRABUS is in a class all by itself. “We are the world’s best aftermarket tuner; our craftsmanship speaks for itself,” said Marketing Manager Cameron Tokumoto.   

Offering an unlimited wealth of technologically advanced and individually customized solutions for dreamers everywhere, BRABUS personalizes luxury automobiles. Specialist craftsmen can incorporate any conceptualization you may have from satellite navigation or suspension and engine upgrades to out-of-the-box ideas such as body conversions, vehicle height or advanced A/V entertainment—to name a few.

While celebrating its 40th anniversary, BRABUS continues to make everything painstakingly by hand and to build from the ground up. The company was born out of young Bodo Buschmann’s love of fast cars. Buschmann’s father ran a Mercedes dealership, and behind his father’s back, young Buschmann purchased a Porsche. Of course, Buschmann had to give it up, but he modified his new Mercedes and his lifelong love of customizing cars was born. A friend named Klaus Brackman joined forces with Buschmann in his new business venture, but Brackman didn’t have much interest in the company and quickly sold out to Buschmann.

Creating super cars is another way BRABUS fulfills dreams. For campers, hikers or outdoorsy adventure seekers, BRABUS offers an exclusive and extreme off-road beauty called the BRABUS 550 ADVENTURE 4×42. This spectacular cross country vehicle boasts 550 horsepower and is based on the Mercedes G500 4×42. If “off the beaten path” is what turns you on, then BRABUS’ engineering is prepared to give you the best off-road driving experience imaginable.

“BRABUS is really about taking everything to the extreme—leaving nothing stock because it simply can be done better,” said Tokumoto.

City slickers have not been left out as BRABUS has introduced a smaller limited edition automobile, the BRABUS Ultimate 125, a smart sports car that is based on the smart fortwo, and is dressed up in Blu Glauco (bright turquoise). The BRABUS 650 Cabrio was unveiled this year as well and is based on the brand new Mercedes C63S Cabriolet.

Whether purchasing an automobile directly from BRABUS or taking your car to BRABUS for customization or complete renovation, BRABUS is the ultimate in finding ways to make lives more comfortable, more tailored to suit your needs and more exciting as the rubber meets the road.

What’s in a Name: The company name is derived from the first three letters of the original co-founderss last names: Brackman and Buschmann; hence, BRABUS!

Innovation is Key: In 1982, BRABUS first installed an audio/multimedia system with television and video.

Breaking Records: The BRABUS Rocket takes the world’s Top Speed Record for production for saloons at Nardò with a speed of 227 miles per hour in 2006.

1711 McGaw Ave
Irvine, CA 92614
Give Your Car a Makeover at BRABUS in Irvine

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