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Get Hooked On This Top Newport Seafood Spot

Ron Salisbury at The Cannery Knows Fresh Fish

Written By: Danielle Evans  Get Hooked On This Top Newport Seafood Spot
Photographed By: Sarah Nail

A Newport Beach gem, The Cannery is no stranger to stardom. Built in 1921, The Cannery started its career as the hub of commercial fishing boat activity in Newport Beach. Fast forward to 1999, and The Cannery, then a popular restaurant and historical landmark, was under threat of being knocked down to make space to build condominiums. Restaurateur Ron Salisbury got involved and now The Cannery is more popular than ever. The restaurant features a downstairs restaurant with a bay view and an upstairs sushi bar.

Expert: Ron Salisbury
Credentials: Restaurateur, The Cannery
À La Mode: Salisbury’s favorite brunch dish at The Cannery is huevos rancheros.

Q: What advice would you give to an aspiring chef?

Ron Salisbury: Do not get caught up in being a celebrity chef. Continue your education and stop pursuing fame and publicity.

Q: The Cannery describes itself as not reinventing the wheel but reinventing the ride. What does that mean?

RS: Use history as your anchor, then jump in and become all you can be.

Q: You come from a family with a long history in restaurants. Did you always know that was the career path you would take?

RS: I flirted briefly with being a football coach. Otherwise, I always knew.

Q: Your family opened a Mexican restaurant, El Cholo, and the original location which opened in 1929 is still standing in Los Angeles. What is it like operating a seafood restaurant?

RS: El Cholo was the soloist that needed to play their instrument well. The Cannery is a symphony orchestra in all its complexity and opened up a wonderful experience.

Q: The Cannery is well-known for its wine. Are you a wine lover?

RS: It’s a great world and I would enjoy hanging out with the small, passionate, driven wineries.

Q: Sweet shrimp pot pie, diver scallops with hazelnuts, a short rib dish called “hamburger”—what inspires the Cannery menu?

RS: We always strive to be what I like to call an “honest” restaurant where you want to go to rather than feel you have to. Where, when you finish your evening, you want to go home, go to sleep, so you can get up the next day and come back again.

Q: On your off days, what do you cook in your kitchen at home?

RS: I don’t have off days. I am a lousy cook so I eat in our own and at other favorite restaurants like R&D Kitchen.

Q: The Cannery is a classic stomping ground in Newport Beach. Will we see any changes to the menu?

RS: There will always be a balance between providing a wonderful core menu and introducing our guests to new experiences.

Q: What is next for you?

RS: Another restaurant, if it feels right and comes calling. That and get a ride in a World War II Spitfire airplane.

Native Knowledge: A crowd favorite dessert item on The Cannery’s unique dessert menu is the Balboa Sundae.

Batter Up: The Cannery loves baseball. Parts of the restaurant are named after baseball terms like “the dugout, ” and The Cannery hosts special events for baseball hall-of-famers. A plethora of baseball memorabilia decorates the restaurant.

Dream Duo: The Cannery offers two of Newport Beach locals’ favorite things: dining and boating. The Cannery can offer a variety of menu items to enjoy onboard, including seafood platters, fruits and cheeses, wrap sandwiches and fresh vegetable crudités. Duffy boats can be rented at an hourly rate seven days a week.

Voted Most Popular: The Cannery’s most popular dish is the Chilean sea bass, and the top three ingredients The Cannery uses are lobster, heirloom tomatoes and fish.

The Cannery
3010 Lafayette Rd
Newport Beach, CA 92663
949.566.0060 |

H O O K /// Line and Cannery. Inside Newport Beach’s Favorite Seafood Spot.

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