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Instant Jungle Is Planting the Seed for a Workspace Transformation

Written By: Michelle Jaco
Photographed By: Hunter Cole Greenery Office Design

When you spend about a third of your day confined to an enclosed space made up of fabric-paneled room dividers, muted-colored walls and dismal carpeting, all below a band of fluorescent overhead lights, it can be challenging to maintain a stimulated state of mind.

If this setting sounds even slightly familiar, then it’s time to brighten up your workspace. Numerous scientific studies show there is a direct link between decreased employee stress levels in relation to displaying greenery around the office. In fact, when plants are present, individuals typically feel more at ease, resulting in increased productivity and motivation. So, why not include greenery in your office?

Sure, not all of us are gifted with green thumbs, but luckily, the creative team at Santa Ana’s Instant Jungle International is.

Specializing in an array of plant types, including tropical foliage, traditional plants and even silk creations, Instant Jungle is a full-service wholesale and retail nursery that provides both interior and exterior designs, plant installation and plant maintenance. Interior Sales Representative Carol Grandy offers the 411 on the services this local exotic plant kingdom provides, along with advice on where to begin when developing a personal green haven.

For those who may be more horticulturally challenged than others, it would be wise to opt for a plant that requires less maintenance. Grandy explains, “There are some plants that don’t require water on a weekly basis; however, they should be dusted, checked for pests and have any yellow or brown leaves removed.”

She notes that dracaenas and pothos are easy to keep alive as they are very adaptable to interior conditions. Another important factor to take into consideration is the amount of natural light available in the intended space. Many indoor plants do not require an abundance of natural light, but some is certainly needed.

On that note, some plants should be avoided entirely. “Anything that is meant to grow outside in full sun will not survive inside. You cannot acclimate an olive or citrus tree to interior conditions no matter how much your decorator wants you to!” says Grandy.

Aside from aesthetic appeal, Grandy explains that these plush assortments also bring added benefits to individuals—mentally and physically! “There was a study by the University of Queensland in 2014 that found plants increase productivity [at] work by 15 percent,” Grandy notes. The study concluded that by incorporating plants in the workspace, employers were showing their employees that they cared about their welfare. “Plants create a more comfortable and enjoyable workspace,” Grandy says.

Believe it or not, beautifying the office by adding some decorative floral flair—married with varying shades of nature’s greens—can go a long way in transforming a dull workspace into a colorful, happy place. “We can customize any [arrangement] to fit our clients’ needs,” Grandy says. If you’d prefer to leave it to the experts, its 40 years of experience and extensively trained technicians make Instant Jungle your go-to for design consultation, installation and maintenance. Here, Grandy takes us step-by-step into the creation process of a wall installation piece for an office.


Step 1 Greenery Office Design

It’s important to first get a feel for the space you are working with. Style, layout and mood all play a role in creating the desired ambiance. “I met with our clients to tour their facility and get a read on what they envisioned in their building,” Grandy explains. “I assessed the light levels, measured the spaces in each location, made notes and took pictures.” She recommends to “select something that fits the space and will survive with the amount of lighting available.”


Step 2 Greenery Office Design

Once the overall look and feel has been determined, brainstorm ideas of the best plant options that will work in the space. “I was able to make several suggestions to them on the spot and [the clients] were very receptive,” Grandy says.


Step 3 Greenery Office Design

Begin mapping out the plant of attack. “I went back to the office and selected which wall systems would work best in each location, along with containers and the right plane for each space.”


Step 4

Confirm which options are available and begin pairing your plants with complimenting accents. Grady says, “I sent our client images of several plant wall designs, so they could choose the plant pallet that they liked best [and] that would survive on their walls.”


Step 5

Finalize, install and maintain! “Plant maintenance is very important!” Grady explains that regular weekly maintenance is best, so try and make it part of your weekly routine. “Check and maintain the plant first thing Monday morning when you arrive…or make it the last thing you do on Friday before you leave.”


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