This Pro’s Guide to Plants Can Help Anyone Get Their Roots Started

With the Help of Instant Jungle, We’re Sharing How to Buy the Perfect Plant for Your Lifestyle 

Written By: Jane Adler
Photographed By: Instant Jungle Guide to Plants

Are you itching to spruce up your spot? Longing to live that lush life? We don’t blame you. Plants are the most popular way to add a breath of fresh air to any stagnant space. These sprouting accessories are a staple of any home and will have you seeing green without spending too much of it. With the help of Instant Jungle, we’re breaking down all the best buds for your abode and will have you jonesing for your chlorophyll fix.


1 | Pet-Friendly Plant Guide to Plants


Need a pet-friendly plant that pairs well with your feline or Fido? Look no further than the Calathea. This low-light fan favorite tends to come back to life even if someone (we’re not saying you would) forgets to water them. With intricate designs adorning each leaf, this species will add some much needed pizazz to elevate the basic to beautiful.


2 | Air Purifying Guide to Plants

Snake Plant

If you need a breath of fresh air, the snake plant is the one for you. Snake plants are among the most popular pops of greenery, as they are durable, low maintenance and purify the air around them. Great for a nursery, bathroom, or bedroom––these stick-straight stems are sleek and sturdy.

Native Knowledge: House plants have been proven to reduce stress and promote relaxation.


3 | Office Plant Guide to Plants

Parlor Palm

Looking for an avant garde accessory for the office? The parlor palm is the ultimate plant to perk you up. Feel like you’re in the tropics without having to travel with this quintessential décor addition. A little bit of light and a wee bit of water will do wonders for the parlor palm.

4 | Low Light


Does your living space lack natural light? No problem! Opt for pothos. Requiring minimal maintenance, this plant is perfect for the forgetful folks out there. A hardy hanging plant, the pothos is great for creating that waterfall look that’ll make any room feel whimsical. 


5 | Medium Light

Bird of Paradise 

The bird of paradise plant (also known as the crane flower) adds all of the beauty of paradise without the chaos of having to travel. With regular watering and moderate light, this showstopper can grow to over six feet indoors! 

Native Knowledge: Packing peanuts in the bottom of your pot will prevent root rotting and promote proper drainage.


6 | Bright Light 

Fiddle-Leaf Fig

You’ve all heard of the fiddle-leaf fig. It’s the pantone of plants; vegetation gone viral. This is a statement species. If the top couple of inches of soil are dry, the easiest way to know this plant needs water is by looking at its leaves; if they are not rigid and upright and are starting to droop, it needs water. Clean the leaves for an extra Instagram-worthy plant post.

Native Knowledge: Eggshells make for excellent fertilizer. You can add them straight to the soil or dilute in water and use that concoction to feed your plants.


7 | Low Care

Dracaena Lisa

Are you the grim reaper of greenery? Invest in the Dracaena Lisa. This plant loves to be put in the corner and forgotten about—this is the low-maintenance relationship you’ve been looking for! The Dracaena Lisa can handle light or low-light environments and only needs to be watered every few weeks (so, like, whenever you remember).

Native Knowledge: Invest in a moisture meter, which is like a meat thermometer for your plants. You stick it in the soil, and it tells you if your plant needs water or not. It’s the perfect tool for the novice plant owner.


8 | Medium Light Guide to Plants

Zebra Plant

Are you a seasoned veteran when it comes to vegetation? Then you’re ready to house a zebra plant. This striped, sprouting stud is somewhat finicky, since they like high humidity, bright light, warm temperatures and lots of water. This is the relationship you work hard at, but it all pays off once its flower pops up to say yellow.

So go ahead, take your pick. We’re rooting for you!

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