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The Stars Have Aligned and So Have Your Split Ends

Written By: Jessica Ourisman

We all know the major role the moon plays in our Earth’s cycles and tides. So it should come as no surprise that the moon’s power can also play a part in your beauty regimen! Here’s how you can indulge in a little lunar magic to promote the optimal growth of your hair.

Enter: Salty Blonde Cut Co. of Costa Mesa. Each month, the salon hosts evening Moon Dusting Parties that take place from 5-7 p.m. Timed fortuitously to fall on the new moon, you can schedule an appointment or drop-by for a quick, dry trim to your ends. Costing only $35, you can come in with your hair dry and already styled. Trust and believe that you’ll walk out with healthy ends, shining strands and out-of-this-world texture.

Owner Brittany Reenan explains, “To keep your lovely locks growing and healthy, we recommend dusting the ends off on the full moon. These mini-trims keeps your ends healthy, so they don’t split or cause further breakage.”

The next time your ends are looking “under-the-weather,” consider stopping by for some wine, snacks and a little cosmic tune-up for your strands. With regular mini-trims, you’ll have healthier-looking hair for longer. Plus, your locks’ growth will be super-charged thanks to the moon’s pull, meaning that long hair could be in your future. The new moon is also a great time to “plant the seeds” of intention in our lives—so starting off the new lunar cycle with a heaping dose of self-care can mean only good things for your well-being.

Get your locks in alignment on May 1. Enjoy a long, shining and breakage-free future by adding a little lunar magic to spice up your regimen, courtesy of the Salty Blonde Cut Co.

Salty Blonde Cut Co.
1656 Santa Ana Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92627