Photography Provided By: Rachel Madrigal
Photography Provided By: Rachel Madrigal

Here’s How to Start 2022 Full of Good Energy and a Positive Mindset, According to Ambi Kavanagh

Ambi Kavanagh Wants You to Transform Your Mindset, Manifest Your Desires and Elevate Your Life

From finding her spiritual awakening in 2008 to recently co-founding an inner wellness brand, meditation guide, author and entrepreneur Ambi Kavanagh has always listened to her heart—and the energy around her—to find the path to her higher self. Sound Baths Near Me

But this journey didn’t start right away for Kavanagh. Although she always had an interest in astrology and grew up in a family that followed an Ayurvedic lifestyle, she says that she needed to find her spiritual path on her own. Then, after breaking up with someone she thought she was going to marry, she knew she was on the brink of a shift. “I needed to bring myself into energetic alignment,” she says. Sound Baths Near Me

This shift led her to share her gifts and help others on their own spiritual journeys through performing sound baths. “A sound bath essentially is a meditative experience where you’re bathed in vibrations,” Kavanagh explains. “Different musical instruments are used—I use planetary gongs and crystal balls—and people feel the instruments in their bodies. It’s more healing than simple meditation and completely calms down the nervous system.”

Photography Provided By: The Alchemy Store

Between her sound baths and becoming a reiki master in late 2014, Kavanagh was attuned to and thriving with the energy that surrounded her—but that flow was hindered during the pandemic. Kavanagh, however, found a creative solution to connect with people while still maintaining physical distance: The Alchemy Store’s Sound Bath Candles! Sound Baths Near Me

Each candle has its own intention and is crafted with organic coconut wax and essential oils, infused with reiki energy and combined with a custom-guided sound bath meditation, so anyone can enjoy an energetic reset from the comfort of their own home. Simply light, get comfortable and press play.

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“I didn’t want to make products just to make products; I wanted to make something to really help people,” says Kavanagh. “It’s really about uplifting and inspiring people and encouraging them to become higher, more healed versions of themselves.” Sound Baths Near Me

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