How to Spend a Full Day at Eataly—LA’s Favorite Italian Mercato

5 of Our Favorite Places to Eat, Shop and Learn at Eataly LA

Written By: Taylor R. Haynes
Photography Provided By: Eataly LA

While an Italian vacation might top your bucket list, an excursion to Eataly LA should be a close second.  

Adored globally, Eataly offers an enchanting selection of handmade pastas, fresh meats and artisanal cheeses, along with an array of seasonings, oils and sauces to stock even the most skilled cook’s kitchen. Eataly LA, filled to the brim across 67,000 square feet, warrants a full day to peruse through its abundant offerings. 


1 | Caffè Vergnano Eataly LA

Italy has developed its own distinct coffee culture with its own set of rituals and rules. Traditionally, cappuccinos are served with breakfast, a café macchiato might be sipped during the early afternoon and espresso follows dinner to aid in digestion. Coffee in Italy is often enjoyed al banco, or ‘at the counter’ with friends, rather than sitting down. Start your day the Italian way at Caffè Vergnano, Eataly LA’s traditional, counter-serve coffee spot, for a delicious boost of energy.

Native Knowledge: Founded in 2007 in Turin, Italy, Eataly is rooted in Italian authenticity. Eighty percent of the products available for purchase (and the ingredients supplying the restaurants) are actually sourced from Italy, including many family-owned and independent suppliers.



2 | La Pasta Fresca Eataly LA

Translating to “fresh pasta,” La Pasta Fresca is any pasta aficionado’s dream. Diners can choose from a wide variety of handmade pasta—from long, skinny strands perfect for twirling in a gleaming tomato sauce, to charmingly delicate knots of ravioli—and be served in under 10 minutes with a perfectly paired wine. It’s the ideal spot for an efficient, but entirely satisfying, midday bite. Make sure to taste the seasonally available sauces, such as a delightfully savory tomato-almond pesto. 

3 | Salumi e Formaggi

Searching for the perfect prosciutto? Seeking the best salami in town? Creating a flawless cheese board? You won’t be disappointed by the generous selection of sustainably sourced proteins at Eataly LA. Marbled meats and stuffed sausages are accompanied by a towering mountain of artisanal cheeses, including buttery mozzarella, creamy burrata and sweet-and-salty asiago. The funky aroma (a testament to the cheeses’ freshness) is impossible to miss.

Native Knowledge: Overwhelmed by the possibilities? We get it, but don’t stress—each counter manager is an expert in their offerings. For instance, Adam Monteilh, the fresh market manager at Salumi e Formaggi can guide you in the right direction when it comes to meats and cheeses and then help you pick a wine to go with your selection (he’s a trained sommelier, too!).


4 | Il Vino

Naturally, up next is Eataly LA’s stunning wine selection at Il Vino—its shelves crowded with bottles made with “fruit from across the boot.” Eataly sources wine grapes from 20 regions of Italy, including many small, independent producers. From natural wines and rare varietals to classic reds, there is truly something for everyone to enjoy! If you’re not ready to commit to a full bottle yet, you can enjoy a complimentary tasting to explore your options. 


5 | Terra

End your day at Terra, Eataly’s rooftop restaurant that features an Italian wood-burning grill and a panoramic view of the Hollywood Hills. Diners are mesmerized by fresh, seasonal ingredients cooked over an open flame. Pair your meal with an Italian wine or a botanical cocktail, which is made with fragrant ingredients sourced from the rooftop garden. Elegant flavors and a relaxed ambiance transport you to an evening in Rome—without the plane ticket.

Eataly LA
10250 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90067

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