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Written By: Dr. Paula Trimble-Familetti

From the moment Kelly Golightly opened the door and welcomed us into her beautiful midcentury-modern home we knew we were in the right place. Golightly led us from room to room showing us her beautifully-designed space. Photographer Travis McCoy noted the glamour of the space, saying ”Wow, most places we go to for a shoot have one or two great locations for me to set up, but I could set up anywhere in this house.”

The house was photo-ready and Kelly was prepped for the big day. “I’ve already moisturized,” she explained as she hopped joyfully into the makeup chair located in her stunningly-appointed bathroom. Brian Bond, the makeup artist, was the consummate professional, and because of
Golightly’s food sensitivities and autoimmune illness, Googled every ingredient in the cosmetics he used on her skin to be sure she was safe. Because time was at a premium, it was necessary for hair stylist, Malena Villavicencio to stand on a stool to do Golightly’s hair, while Bond worked his magic. Both Villavicencio and Bond worked simultaneously to make sure Kelly’s hair and makeup were perfect for the cover shoot.

And then there were the clothes! Golightly chose from a rack of elegant, perfectly-sized tops, slacks and dresses. “I love this!” and “Oh, this shirt will be delightful with these slacks!” were just a few of her bubbly declarations as she went through the sartorial options with wardrobe stylist, Kaylee Jackson.

“Kelly was down to wear any and all prints, colors and stripes I brought to set and really pulled off the retro vibe with ease. She was a delight to work with and brought such a fun, positive energy to the day! Plus, her dream house is beyond gorgeous,” explained Jackson. Not to be outdone in her own home, Golightly’s own closet also drew exclamations of amazement from everyone who entered.

The team had a marvelous day with Golightly, her husband, Fred Baby, and their fur baby, Odee Golightly. As Kelly would say, “Stay tuned,” and see what is coming next.

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