Josh Dixon Spills His Ultimate Staycation Scenario in Sunny La Quinta

Josh Dixon Shares the Mentality Behind His Success—and His Vacations! 

Hey Dos Equis, we have a new most interesting man in the world for you – and his name is Josh Dixon. From California to Colorado to Washington, DC and back, Dixon has made his mark all over the country. Born and raised in the Bay Area, Dixon’s story began as the youngest member of a modern family consisting of a mom, dad and two older sisters—all of whom are adopted. His parents have instilled an unparalleled work ethic into him from day one with his dad’s catchphrase, “You don’t have to do any of this, you get to do it,” echoing in the back of his mind throughout his nearly 30 years of life. 

This mentality was the catalyst for a collegiate gymnastics career, which parlayed into a professional career where Dixon was able to hone his athletic prowess to the highest possible level of competition. And that’s just the beginning.

“The work ethic, the taking instruction as coaching as opposed to criticism…and just the adaptability and the being comfortable being uncomfortable and having to find a way through that,” Dixon explains. “In sport, no matter what the sport is, you have to do that multiple times a day, every day.”

This is a guy who knows how to get back on the horse if he falls off—and we’re not just talking about the pommel horse. He lives by a “throw me into the deep end” mindset that is the cornerstone of his character.

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“Don’t be afraid to fail,” he says. “By having that mentality, you don’t limit yourself.”

This attitude has allowed Dixon to see success at Stanford all the way to the US Senate (as a Legislative Aide) and back to Southern California in a consulting firm, as documented on his social media. If you follow Dixon on Instagram, you will probably find yourself envious of his on-the-go lifestyle, complete with a smile that would make any dentist drool—but he’s in it for more than just the likes.

“It’s really fun working with brands and getting to know the people,” Dixon says. “Like, okay, what’s the story you want to tell and how do I keep it really authentic to my own ethos… It’s a fun, creative outlet outside of my day-to-day work responsibilities.”

Recently, Dixon partnered up with La Quinta Resort & Club to show off their impressive piece of property to his quarter of a million followers. He describes the hotel as a desert oasis of pure luxury as he reminisces on poolside cabana cocktails and fun in the sun. An avid tennis player, Dixon enjoyed dusting off his racquet at their state-of-the-art facilities and even tried his luck on their links before hitting happy hour at one of the resort’s restaurants. Only a two-hour drive from Dixon’s home in Newport Beach, La Quinta is the quintessential staycation scenario—close enough for a weekend away, but far enough where you feel like you are really escaping to somewhere.

La Quinta is the ultimate travel destination for those looking to lounge and live a life of leisure. Dixon can attest to that. Now, can we get this guy a cocktail, please?

While Dixon’s online persona shows him as a former gymnast, a young entrepreneur, a budding businessman, a dog lover, an advocate and much more, at his core, he is someone who understands opportunity and wants to create it for others. There is no truer example of this than the scholarship he has created at his high school funded by his paid collaborations that provide financial support for beneficiaries to attend college. 

This kind of reciprocal altruism is what makes Dixon so special. He doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously but lives by a standard of never over-promising and under-delivering. It’s about being resourceful and using the fundamentals you have acquired throughout life to have the confidence jump into anything (whether that’s a new business or the pool at La Quinta). At the end of the day, Dixon lives by one rule and one rule only: “Be nice and work hard.”

Photoshoot Location: Josh Dixon
La Quinta Resort & Club
49-499 Eisenhower Dr
La Quinta, CA 92253

Josh Dixon

Photographed By: Laura Perkins Josh Dixon

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