Photo By: Jane Chouteau
Photo By: Jane Chouteau

This Naturopathic Spot in La Quinta Wants to Dig a Lot Deeper Into Your Health, Not Your Wallet

Live Well Clinic Is Shaking Up the Health Care Game With Their New Membership Program

Written By: Sierra Chapdelaine La Quinta Naturopathic Doctor 

Today’s world is full of investments. We invest in houses, in cars, businesses, even stocks, but what we really should be investing in is our health. Because what will any of those things matter if we aren’t healthy enough to utilize them?

Live Well Clinic is the place to start. It is a one-stop shop for becoming a happier and healthier you. They are a naturopathic clinic that believes in healing from the inside out by getting to the source of what is causing the symptoms, healing it naturally, once and for all. Live Well Clinic ensures a personalized experience with outstanding doctors who take the time to get to know each patient and dive deep into their health history and concerns to tailor treatments specifically for them.

“We really get to know our patients here. It is a very personalized experience, so much so that after their first few visits, the front desk starts greeting them by their first names when they walk through the door,” said Manager Theresa Miller.

Not only is this an investment that is worth every penny, but it also saves you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Live Well Clinic has a three-tier, all-inclusive membership program that is almost too good to be true. There are three plans; a three-month, six-month and 12-month, the latter being the best value. Each plan includes treatments that you are getting for much cheaper than what they would be sold for individually. While the price points are truly a steal, Live Well Clinic does also offer monthly payments so that you don’t have to pay all at once if you can’t at that moment.

Each plan comes with an annual one-hour consult, 30-minute follow-ups on-sight, in-depth lab testing, B-12 injections, IV treatments, infrared sauna treatments, supplement discounts and more depending on the membership. During the consults, the doctors thoroughly cover all current concerns and preventative health issues while taking the time to get to know you personally, assessing your health needs and what you ultimately want out of your investment into your health.

“We aim to genuinely connect to each and every person because we want to do better by our patients and their health,” said Dr. Sonja Fung. La Quinta Naturopathic Doctor

All of the materialistic things that we invest in will always be there. So, first, let’s invest in making sure that we will be here to enjoy them. La Quinta Naturopathic Doctor

Live Well Clinic
78900 Avenue 47, Ste 102
La Quinta, CA 92253
760.771.5970 La Quinta Naturopathic Doctor

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