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Huntington Beach’s Newest Restaurant, Lōrea, Opens at Paséa Hotel & Spa

Experience Land, Sea and Libations at This Stunning Waterfront Venue

With a clear view of the sun dipping below the horizon, a golden hue casts over the ocean, along with a table of Parker House Rolls, seared scallops and a few glasses of craft cocktails in front of us—leaving us full and certain that we’ve found the newest star of Orange County’s culinary scene. Lōrea, Huntington Beach’s Newest Restaurant at Paséa Hotel & Spa

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Credit: David Marano

Tucked within Huntington Beach’s Paséa Hotel & Spa, Lōrea emerged in early May with its fresh interpretations and creative twists on California coastal-inspired dining, promising an experience that will have hotel guests and local visitors coming back for more. After a $5 million transformation, Paséa Hotel & Spa has redefined its food and beverage offerings, unveiling the new restaurant alongside the revamped rooftop bar, now called Treehouse on PCH.

Credit: David Marano

Before the renovation, we frequented Tanner’s Restaurant along with Tanner’s Treehouse, and we were amazed by what the Paséa team had accomplished with this refresh. Upon entering Lōrea, we were enveloped in a light, breezy ambiance that pays homage to the beautiful neighboring coastline, thanks to OC-based Hatch Design Group, who worked with the restaurant’s surroundings to create an open-air space that seamlessly blends indoor sophistication with natural outdoor beauty.

Walnut dining tables, a gorgeous, hand-painted community table by local artist Chris Trisnan, and an impressive 77-foot stone bar set the stage for a dining experience that’s as elegant as it is inviting. The restaurant’s alfresco setting offers a calm and relaxed juxtaposition to the lively, open-concept kitchen that offers guests a glimpse of the action.

New Restaurants Huntington Beach
Credit: David Marano

While the decor and ambiance are genuinely stunning, one of our favorite features of this Huntington Beach restaurant is the clear view of the ocean, which can be enjoyed from virtually any table, whether seated inside or out. Even Treehouse on PCH feels more elevated—the seating is now a bit lower, and the higher seating is situated alongside the edges of the space, resulting in a much more open, unobstructed view of the water.

Credit: David Marano

Helmed by Chef de Cuisine Stefan Pierce and Executive Chef Scott Rackliff, Lōrea is a testament to “land, sea and libations,” a concept that permeated every aspect of our dining experience.

“We’re using ingredients that we can get from the land,” Chef Rackliff says. “Here in California, we have some of the best produce in the country. We have the ocean right here too, so, of course, we offer fresh seafood—and amazing craft cocktails.”

 “We’ll change the menu three or four times a year as the seasons change and let the ingredients speak for themselves,” he explains. These seasonal menus, along with conscious seafood sourcing, help this new Orange County restaurant incorporate more sustainable dining practices.

Credit: David Marano

Although the menu is seasonal, Lōrea will offer several signature dishes like the Duck and Goat Charcuterie and the Seafood Stew. During our visit, we enjoyed the incredible Parker House Rolls, tender Seared Scallops, a delicious Koji-aged Pork Chop and Chef Rackliff’s favorite, the Pork Belly Wraps.



While this Huntington Beach restaurant’s menu seems straightforward and simple on paper, guests can expect plenty of surprising techniques and presentations. Some of our favorite showstoppers were the pair of butter candles served alongside the Parker House Rolls (an exciting idea Chef Rackliff presented during his tasting for the job) and the Pork Chop served over a smoker with rosemary and fresh herbs, bringing a refreshing aroma to the Lōrea table.

New Restaurants Huntington Beach
Credit: David Marano

Unsurprisingly, Lōrea’s bar program is just as impressive as its food menu. Led by Paséa’s award-winning Resort Mixologist Miguel Sandoval, the cocktail menu is a delicious blend of classics and creative concoctions, like the Dutch Dancer martini and the tableside Boozy Affogato. Our favorites of the night included the Wild Spirit, the Fizzy Lizzy and (Chef Rackliff’s recommendation) the Laurel.

Credit: David Marano

The drink program can be enjoyed beyond the walls of Lōrea. The bar can also be accessed from the pool area to enjoy, along with some light bites. For those seeking a more scenic experience, head upstairs to Treehouse on PCH. With its iconic tree sculpture, deep-seated sofas and teak daybeds, Treehouse is the perfect spot to unwind with a(nother) cocktail and take in the breathtaking scenery. With fewer than 10 rooftop bars in Orange County, a view like this is definitely worth checking out.



New Restaurants Huntington Beach
Credit: David Marano

Chef Rackliff shares that he’s especially proud of how Lōrea serves as an extension of Paséa’s philosophy with its vibe of laidback luxury. “People can expect and be excited for [how we’re] trying to be true to who we are and what we stand for as a property. Laidback luxury means doing things really well from a presentation perspective but not having it be uptight. So it’s very approachable,” he explains. “When people come here, they just want to be taken care of. People want to be pampered, but they want to be pampered in an approachable way.”

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