LunchBOX Smooths Out SoCal

Southern California’s First LunchBOX Location Opens!

Written By: Yasmin Yahyapour LunchBOX Smooths Out SoCal
Photography By: Madeline Craig

With their recent grand opening party, LunchBOX has made its mark in Orange County—the company’s first Southern California location. This location in Costa Mesa is a specialty wax-only salon, most known for their speed-waxing services. The waxing menu at LunchBOX includes head to toe service, from eyebrow waxes to Brazilian, as well as back, legs and much more. Men and women come to LunchBOX for all their waxing needs, and we’ve got the first hand look of what makes LunchBOX so incredibly unique!

LunchBOX has many franchise locations throughout parts of the West and East Coast including Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, and even all the way to Florida and New Jersey. Angela is the business owner of the Costa Mesa spa with ambitions to open ten more salons throughout Orange County, San Bernardino County and Riverside County. Her current focus is her growing Costa Mesa location, but anticipates having a LunchBOX open in Laguna Niguel hopefully this summer!

LunchBOX is well known for their speed-waxing services, which is a technique that gets you in and out of waxing fairly quickly. Angela tells us a bit more about this technique.

Q: What does speed waxing entail?

A: We use this unique technique and pattern based on our own wax, which is very natural. The ingredients included in our wax include pine as well as beeswax. This special technique makes it so the waxing experience is not nearly as painful, is much faster and feels much better. People walk out of our salon saying the process was comfortable — and breeze — and that they feel so well taken care of. We use a soft wax with a strip. It’s so fast that you can get a Brazilian done in about 15 minutes without compromising quality or the unique, boutique experience that makes us, well, us.

Q: What can we know about the waxing experience at LunchBOX?

A: Our salon is built for men and women who care about their bodies and the places they go for personal services, but don’t want to spend a big portion of their day at a spa. People can’t be expected to wait at the spa all day and spend $200 simply to get waxed. That’s why we are so special; we have a specific niche that isn’t like any other place in Southern California. We want our customers to book their appointment, show up and leave within a handful of minutes while getting a high-end and fast experience. Guests leave feeling beautiful, clean and smooth, and they didn’t have to invest a day to do it. It’s important for our customers to be able to appreciate high quality service, but won’t have to wait all day for that experience.

Because LunchBOX prides themselves in being a wax-only salon, customers can be assured that they are getting the best service, since the salon puts their full attention to solely waxing. It’s all they do, and they do it exceptionally well. Angela said many customers are incredibly impressed by the fast and painless technique the speed waxing provides. The boutique wax salon is high-end and has a chic modern environment staffed with well-trained and experienced estheticians. LunchBOX also offers branded skin products for post-wax care. Tip: Try the BodyBUFF exfoliating salt scrub. Plus, a handy app that makes it even more convenient to book an appointment online, all part of the smooth services they offer.

PROMO: If you use code LOCALE when booking at, they buy one service and the next one is FREE.


LunchBOX (A Waxing Salon)
435 E 17th St Ste 2
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
LunchBOX has arrived in Orange County

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