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Dan Brunn Has Some Awesome Projects in the Works

Written By: Rebecca Grazier
Photographed By: Joe Nardello Dan Brunn Architecture

Expert: Dan Brunn Architecture
Credentials: AIA, Principal of Dan Brunn Architecture

Q: What brought you to architecture in the first place?

Dan Brunn: From a young age, my grandfather used to bring [Lego] sets home, and I would come up with my own construction ideas. In high school, there were some architecture classes, and I really fell in love with it. It just felt like something natural to me.

Q: What is your style/aesthetic?

DB: It would be modern/minimalist. ‘Less is more,’ we would say. It’s like bringing Bauhaus design to the 21st century, but including human interaction. It’s about how someone lives in a space and inhabits a space.

Q: What is your biggest source of inspiration?

DB: Traveling. Seeing new things and experiencing new things. It doesn’t have to be design; it could be good music, good food and spending some time with friends.

Q: What are you working on now?

DB: We’re working on a bunch of projects. We have in construction right now a condo in Westwood that’s combining two units into one that’s 6,000 square feet total. We just completed a coffee shop on Melrose and La Brea, which [opened] in mid-September, and we’re working on a house up in Sunset Plaza that’s 12,000 square feet. It’s a courtyard scheme that’s revolving around an olive tree in the middle, and all the rooms around it have incredible vantage points and views through of nature.

Traditionally Edgy: Brunn’s designs are all about taking into account human interaction, so he likes to use materials that last, are easy to clean and also don’t commit to a trend. They also use a lot of textures and a muted palette of colors.

International Influence: Brunn was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, and was inspired by the surrounding buildings and architecture in the city.

Dan Brunn Architecture
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Meet the Architect That Started With Legos

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