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Surf, Skate or Hike in Apparel Designed for and Inspired by the Great Outdoors

Written By: Jordan Nishkian
Photographed By: Andrea Domjan Menswear OC

Expert: Elliot Shaw
Credentials: Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Seager Co.

Expert: Mattson Smith
Credentials: Co-President, Seager Co.

Expert: Case Anderson
Credentials: Co-Founder, Seager Co.

Founded in 2015 by friends Case Anderson, Elliot Shaw and Mattson Smith, Seager Co. has a style that ropes together rugged ‘western grit’ and coastal California cool. From its high-quality craftsmanship to its focus on environmentally-friendly practices, Seager Co. is proving that the West Coast surely is the best coast.


L’aMour Cowboy Hat Menswear OC

“This hat is a part of our newly released cowboy hat collection that we are very excited to launch! It pairs well with a beach day or out on the mountain trails.”



Longhorn Cowboy Hat

“A staple part of our brand is the classic cowboy hat and the Longhorn keeps the tradition going strong. Because of its suave black style, we wear it when we want to dress formally, but can also wear it when riding out on the ranch.”



Donny Snapback Menswear OC

“If the comical depiction of a Yeti wearing hiking clothes, holding medicinal MJ and the word ‘Trailblazing’ isn’t unique enough, the hat is made with a biodegradable organic Hemp material.” 



‘Buckaroo’ Western Snap

“This Snap shirt is the perfect blend of traditional Western and simplified surf style.”



‘Last Star Dance’ Tee Storm

“This tee not only looks great, but it also gets people in the best of moods.”



Seager Cowboy Coffee Menswear OC

“We love coffee, so we hand-picked this unique blend with organic beans and roasted it locally with our friends at Hidden House Coffee.”



‘Big Blue’ Cord Snapback

“Everyone should have some faded blue corduroy in their hat quiver—Big Blue is an instant classic.”


Seager Co.