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Locals Are Lining Up to Try Mesa’s New Menu

Written By: Kristin Kellams
Photographed By: Hannah Wilson Mesa Lounge Menu

Most 21 and over OC locals already know to head over to Mesa Lounge in Costa Mesa for date night or just an evening out with friends and family. The food is delicious and the atmosphere completely sets the mood for an uber-cool night out. They do not disappoint when it comes to giving their guests an evening full of great food, good vibes and groove-worthy music. Mesa has also recently switched things up with some new menu items, and we got the inside scoop from Chef Abel on what’s new!

Mesa Lounge Menu

Chicken Sandwich

Everyone craves a good chicken sandwich from time to time, and Mesa’s version is on deck to satisfy that craving. The sandwich features fried chicken, red cabbage, jalapeño vinaigrette and chipotle mayo in a challah bun. “The fried chicken sandwich had been kind of a thing these past couple of years, and I wanted to join in!” Are you drooling yet?

Brussels Leaves

Brussels sprouts have made themselves a menu staple across the globe, so it is no surprise that Mesa has had added this versatile veggie to their menu. The dish features Brussels sprout leaves mixed with balsamic, almond slices and chives. Chef Abel explains, “Brussels sprout leaves have the same delicious flavor as well as a great texture.”



A classic burger will always be something diners yearn for, and Chef Abel is here to deliver! He explains that this burger is, “Simple and straight to the point of flavor.” Two house-blend patties, havarti cheese, American cheese and 1000 island sauce make up this flavorful burg. That is something we can definitely sink our teeth into!


Mushroom Pizza

Ah, pizza. The carb of choice for late-night eaters everywhere. Everyone will be game to try this new concoction, as Chef Abel combines Mornay sauce, mozzarella cheese and a mushroom medley in his creation. He said, “Veggies used as a protein is a trend I love!” And we couldn’t agree more!


Cucumber Salad

Cucumber is so simple but so delicious. This salad mixes mint, dill, cilantro and a green goddess dressing. Chef Abel said, “I felt like taking something old like the green goddess and pair with something fresh and palate cleansing.” This is sure to be a great refreshing starter!

725 Baker St
Costa Mesa, CA 92626