Photography By: Rachel Hoops
Photography By: Rachel Hoops

Create Your Very Own Dream Home With These Design Tips From Revivals

Revivals Furnishings and a Dreamy Airbnb Is a Match Made in Heaven

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Photographed By: Rachel Hoops midcentury modern design

The midcentury was all about shaking things up. Out with your mother’s matchy-matchy bedroom set. Primary pops of color and geometric patterns were in. Designers were also mixing materials like plywood, metal and glass for a sleek minimalist style.

The Dream Home is a stunning Palm Springs Airbnb vacation pad (outfitted with new and used items from Revivals) that was designed to feel like you stepped into a time warp back into the 1960s. Steven Henke, the resale shop’s director of community development, offers tips on how to create your own sweet mod home. “You’re not living on the set of ‘Mad Men;’ it’s your place, so add your personality,” Henke says. 


Step 1 midcentury modern design

“Don’t be afraid of pieces that need a little work. Look for resale treasures at thrift shops and reupholster with new fabrics of colors, patterns and textures authentic to your style.”


Step 2 midcentury modern design

“Go high and low. Splurge on a high-end item like a sofa that defines your space, and then surround it with inexpensive pieces, such as graphic throw pillows.”


Step 3

“The 1960s were all about going natural. Unstained woods are a huge part of the midcentury modern design, so look for pieces that show off clean lines of teak, walnut and rosewood grain.”


Step 4 midcentury modern design

“Keep a running list of room and furniture dimensions on your phone. You never know when you’ll find the perfect furniture piece at an estate sale.”


Step 5

“Shop what’s new to you. Revivals is a great source to find your personal ‘mixed-century vibe.’ Combine new pieces with thrift store finds from various decades. The end result will feel more personal. One of our customers took four peg legs from a 1950s sofa and put them on a new couch for a look that felt midcentury in a very modern way.”

Step 6

“Be neutral like Switzerland. Midcentury designers loved earth tones like brown, rust and green with bright accent colors of red, blue and yellow.” 


Step 7 midcentury modern design

“Decorate on your timeline. Vintage hunting requires patience. The best home collections are built over time from different places like flea markets.”


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