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Written By: Nicole Hakim Most Creative Pinterest Boards to Follow

Created by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp in 2010, Pinterest is so much more than another social media site, and that is what makes it so popular with over 70 million users worldwide. CEO Silbermann describes Pinterest as a “catalog of ideas” because of the site’s boarding system. This allows users to find anything from pictures of dresses to DIYs. And just like Facebook and Twitter, there are a select few that seem to dominate, so if you’re looking to spice up your Pinterest, check out what these popular users have to offer!

Jennifer Chong

With the title “See and Savour” and 2.5 million followers, it is clear that Jennifer Chong is a person who wants people to be inspired and awed by the world around them. Her 95 boards are filled with gorgeous photographs of holiday cheer, travel destinations, home designs and more, each of which aims to motivate people to make an effort, try something new and express themselves.


Jane Wang

The mother of CEO Ben Silbermann, it is no surprise Jane Wang has a big following. With 121 boards and nearly 8 million followers, Wang’s Pinterest appeals to a wide range of people. Her board titled “Delicious” is filled with breathtaking photos of foods from across the globe that will catch any foodie’s attention. Her yoga board is perfect for exercise lovers who want to come up with new ways to achieve maximum results. This Pinterest will certainly enhance lives as people embark on new, exciting and unique adventures.


Christine Martinez Loya

The first thing one will see is that Christine Martinez fills her 64 boards with things that are enjoyable to her. They give her something to strive for, they make her happy and she aims to bring that to her 5.1 million followers. She will spark interest and excite users to make hair or fashion changes. She may even inspire wedding planning with the photos she has shared from her own! Everything that occupies her boards is aesthetically pleasing and relaxing, and everything can be utilized to help other users find the things that will make them happy.


Maia Mcdonald Smith

It is clear that Maia Mcdonald’s Pinterest will both impress people and bring a smile to their faces. Her 64 boards are filled with a variety of topics, ensuring that any one of her 1.8 million followers will find something he or she enjoys. Those who have young children, or are expecting, will find boards that will help you decide what stylish clothes to buy for the little ones. Those who find relaxation with beautiful photography will certainly find just that with Mcdonald’s board dedicated to the beauty of still life. Mcdonald can also help take the stress off wedding planning with a board filled with ideas to make that special day perfect.


Daniel Bear Hunley 

The first thing you will learn about Daniel Bear Hunley is that he is a southerner, so he will certainly appeal to others from the South or those who desire a southern feel in their lives. However, with 44 boards and over a million followers, you don’t have to harbor a love for the South to enjoy his content. His boards feature things such as interiors and exteriors, which are perfect for anyone looking to change up his or her home. Hunley runs and manages a variety of boards that inspire adventure and change, no matter where you come from.


Anilu Magloire

Anilu Magloire’s Pinterest romantically draws you in as soon as you click, because nearly every board includes the word “love.” It makes her 600, 000 plus followers smile, fills their heart with joy and lets them know that Magloire is sharing pins about which she is passionate. Each board has picture after picture that Magloire hopes her followers will enjoy. Everyboard exposes her followers to the beauty of the world, and anyone can appreciate that.


Tracy Adams

Everything about Tracy Adams’ Pinterest screams “inspiration.” Her 31 boards are occupied with gorgeous photos featuring different home designs, illustrations with inspiring words, the awe of adventure and so much more. She takes the time to choose pins that are beautiful to her and her over 4, 000 followers. She manages a variety of boards that will make anyone a fan—from adventures to hairstyles to new meals—everyone will be inspired.


Zellain Dystopia

Zellain Dystopia’s Pinterest is unique, with boards dedicated to different types of goth style, beauty found in hues of black and gray and killer art. Dystopia has over 38, 000 followers who enjoy boards centered around stunning and spooky fashions, design, and tattoos. Shopping inspiration is scattered all throughout the page and both men and women will experience wardrobe wonder upon scrolling through this site.      



Running 335 boards to over 200, 000 followers, Lefa’s dedication to the home is unparalleled. This is especially true when you see that each room gets its own board filled with photographs of ways to bring that room to life. Able to easily maneuver between each room, users will be influenced by certain ideas as they decorate their homes. Lefa also appeals to all walks of life, whether you’re a traveler looking for your next destination, a parent who wants to help your children grow or a person who wants to be creative by making something new and exciting.

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