6 Facts to Know About This New Restaurant in San Diego According to Insiders

WhipHand’s Chef and Marketing Director Gave Us the Deets on What to Expect in November

Written By: Louis Schuler
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WhipHand is creating a middle ground between casual and fine dining to San Diego’s vibrant East Village community. That is, you’re going to want to come hungry and ready to salivate over delicious, traditional French brasserie-inspired food. But the fare isn’t the only reason why you’ll want to visit this place in November. Executive Chef Christina Pancheri and Director of Brand Marketing, Natasha Ross, are giving you the inside scoop on what to expect and what to tell your friends.

New SD Restaurant WhipHand

The Name Says It All

This new restaurant is all about you and what you want when you want it—especially when it comes to beer. “WhipHand—the upper hand, an advantageous or controlling position. In driving, the hand that controls the whip…The term WhipHand relates to our business through the sense of letting customers take the experience into their own hands, mainly through the usage of our self-serve beer bank, pouring and tasting at will,” says Ross.

New SD Restaurant WhipHand

Dining Like You Never Left Home

This eatery exclusively cooks its food in house and supports local companies. “All menu items will be made in house with fresh ingredients,” says Chef Pancheri. This includes everything from pot pies and tarts to house-baked pretzel knots and much more. Not only will all of the food be made in house, but WhipHand will also get all of their product, meat, seafood and bread from local companies.  

New SD Restaurant WhipHand

Une Soirée en ville?

The concept and menu of WhipHand are based on a brasserie, meaning brewery in French, which is found across Europe. “[Brasseries are] unpretentious bars and restaurants that serve simple food with hearty portions meant to be shared,” says Ross. “A neighborhood spot where locals and visitors alike could gather and have delicious food served alongside their many draft beers.”

New SD Restaurant WhipHand

Beer, Beer and More Beer

Guests will get to choose between 24 self-serve draft beer taps, along with a full cocktail bar where they can order their classic go-to drink or choose from a unique libation. WhipHand will introduce guests to an intuitive payment system—a “hassle-free” issued card linked to the guests debit or credit card for all alcoholic beverages. The card will not have to be reloaded, and you won’t have to worry about excess charges.  

Come Hungry and Bring Friends

Get your skewers ready for the mouth-watering short rib white cheddar fondue plate. According to Chef Pancheri, this option “incorporates our beer element in the form of a lager, and serves up good, old-fashioned Frito Scoops as a vehicle for the dip.” These options also combine the sharing experience with providing generous portions. Chef’s suggestion? Experience three to six items per visit!


Bring Your Date, but Remember Sharing is Caring

Think your date will be indecisive when it comes to what to order? No problem! The menu was crafted by Chef Consultant Anthony Pedroso and has been implemented and executed by Chef Pancheri to be versatile on pricing and bites! Whether you’re looking for a small snack with a lower price point or want to impress your date and splurge, there’s plenty to choose from! It’s a win-win for everyone!

WhipHand American Brasserie + Beer Bank
935 J St
San Diego, CA 92101

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