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Piff the Magic Dragon Brings Deadpan Humor to Irvine Comedy Club

America’s Got Talent Finalist Entertains Orange County Attendees

Written By: Nicole Hakim Piff the Magic Dragon

Piff the Magic Dragon—or as he is known in his human form, John van der Put—first made his way into America’s heart when he performed on Penn & Teller: Fool Us in 2011. He gained even more fame and recognition when he appeared on America’s Got Talent in 2015, earning a Golden Buzzer by Neil Patrick Harris during Judge Cuts, becoming a fan favorite and moving all the way to the finals. Many may have heard of Piff’s older brother—Steve or Dave (he comes from a large family)—but Piff has certainly become a worldwide name as he has garnered a stage show at the Flamingo in Las Vegas, despite not winning AGT.

Piff isn’t just confined to Las Vegas, though. In fact, on August 19-21, Piff took his act to the Irvine Comedy Club at the Irvine Spectrum. The Irvine Comedy Club is a decently sized venue located right next to Umami Burger. The club isn’t too big to feel intimidating, nor is it too small to feel constrictive and uncomfortable. The showroom is bright and inviting, and is filled with tables and booths where audiences can enjoy drinks and food while watching the show. A friendly and helpful staff takes and delivers orders, making sure not to be disruptive during the show. The club has a two-item minimum for each guest, and provides a menu filled with delectable food and drink choices, making that two-item choice a bit difficult.

Before Piff took to the stage, his assistant Jade Simone, greeted guests first. A very charismatic woman, Simone danced, shared jabs with audiences members and got the energy going to make sure everyone was prepared to experience Piff.

When Piff finally arrived, he graced audiences with the trademark grumpy, sarcastic and deadpan humor fans have come to love. He interacted with guests and made them part of the act by pocketing a fitness card from a librarian, taking a $20 bill from another guest and bringing a girl on stage to help with a card trick. In order to find her correct card, he used his magical performing Chihuahua, Mr. Piffles, who “changed” the girl’s signed card as revenged for not being given a can of dog food. Opening the can, Piff found and pulled out the signed card, the $20 dollar bill and the fitness card. Mr. Piffles cleaned off each and every item before they were returned to their owners.

The big card trick of the night involved a toaster and a number of audience members. Piff managed to guess the card of everyone involved, except for one. When all hope seem lost, the toast popped up and Piff bit into it. Inside of the food the last person’s card was revealed!

The show lasted for about an hour and a half, and after the show, guests flocked to the meet and greet section where Jade Simone presented a number of merchandise, including a t-shirt, Piff playing cards, a toy Mr. Piffles and a poster. Piff makes sure to meet fans after every single show, so after they buy their goodies, Piff signs autographs and takes photos for free.  He even allows people to hold Mr. Piffles, if they want.

Piff entertained and met fans of all ages this past weekend. With the first two nights being confined for 21 and older and the last night allowing fans of any ages to enjoy the show!

Piff the Magic Dragon certainly provided fans with a night they are sure to remember, and as a truly unique act, he will continue to take America by storm with his magic, humor and, of course, his cute little dog.

Irvine Comedy Club
Irvine Spectrum Center
527 Spectrum Center Dr
Irvine, CA 92618
Piff the Magic Dragon Wowed in Irvine This Past Weekend

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