Pop Pie Costa Mesa
Photography Provided By: Haley Hill
Pop Pie Costa Mesa
Photography Provided By: Haley Hill

ICYMI: Pop Pie Co. Is Costa Mesa’s Newest Bakery on the Block, and Boy Is It Poppin’

We’ll Take One of Each!

Written By: Kaylin Waizinger
Photography Provided By: Haley Hill Pop Pie Costa Mesa

In the fall of 2019, Costa Mesa’s restaurant-lined 17th Street welcomed Pop Pie Co., a fast-casual artisanal bakery specializing in all things flakey and filling. This local spot features a rotating menu of sweet and savory pies, which are made in-house daily with love. And let it be known—these are no ordinary “Thanksgiving” pies. Pop Pie Co.’s menu is globally inspired with influence from Australia, Europe and Asia giving their menu a cultured and eclectic touch. 

“Everything is made from scratch in our kitchen fresh every day. The crust is rolled by hand,” explains Steven Torres, co-founder and director of operations for Pop Pie Co.

With a range of delicious options, you’re sure to find a pie to suit your palate. For a tasty breakfast bite, stop by and order The Boss, which is a pie made with bacon, two eggs and cheese, topped with skin-on red potatoes and served with a side of maple syrup—talk about a hearty breakfast! For a savory lunch bite or easy dinner to-go, snag a braised beef-stuffed Steak and Ale pie, an iconic Aussie meat pie, or a classic veggie pot pie. “Our crust is the foundation for our pies. It’s incredibly rich—dense on the bottom and flaky on top,” says Torres. Pop Pie Costa Mesa

While there’s no doubt Pop Pie Co. has mastered the savory nuances of baking, every pie shop has a sweet side. From offerings like the classic apple crumble and Key lime pies to out-of-the-box creations like the Campfire S’mores pie and the Citrus Pear Frangipane with orange marmalade, 17th Street’s newest bakery is taking traditional pie to the next level—look out grandma!

Pop Pie Co.’s Executive Chef, Gan Suebsarakham, grew up in Thailand where there is an Aussie influence. Between his background and his travels, Suebsarakham took a liking to pie at a young age. “Gan did R&D for about a year, working to perfect the crust and the recipes,” explains Torres—and perfect them he did. 

In order to achieve a balance of global flavors and a taste of home, Pop Pie Co. incorporates a variety of flavors and ingredients into their flakey creations. The shop’s roasted veggies and yellow curry pie utilizes Gan’s mom’s curry recipe while the Green Hog & Cheese features Torres’ mom’s salsa verde recipe. “We’re a full-fledged pie bakery, and we’re proud of the time-consuming process that’s behind every single pie we sell,” says Torres.

Native Knowledge: Pop Pie Co. has a “10-minute rule” at closing. This means they don’t lock their doors until 10 minutes past closing, allowing last-minute guests to fulfill their pie desires! Pop Pie Costa Mesa

Pop Pie Co.
270 E 17th St, Ste 17
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
949.524.3015 Pop Pie Costa Mesa

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