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Life in Jeneral Can Help You Get Your $#*! Together

Written By: Jordan Nishkian
Photographed By: Charlie Chipman Professional organizer 

Birthed from a natural talent and a passion for bettering the lives of others, Life in Jeneral is the professional organizing company that’s making dreams come true for clients—and also for Jen Robin and Nicole Dines.  

When Life in Jeneral first came to fruition in 2014, it was sparked from founder Robin’s eagerness to help the people around her move and live more joyfully in their own homes. “My family thought I was so crazy,” Robin laughs. “I was doing it on the weekends for fun!”

Now, business is booming—so much so that Robin needed to expand her team, and that’s where Dines, the director of business development and sales, comes in. “Nicole is my right-hand soulmate,” Robin says. “She used to be an organizer in the field, and I always knew there was something special… From the moment I brought her in-house, the company changed… She understood the heart and soul of helping people…” 

It’s clear that Dines was a natural fit for the role and for her close working-relationship with Robin—the two work so well together that their emails have started to look and sound alike!

Together, Robin and Dines are helping people find systems that not only work for them and their homes, but ones that will also grow with them. “Every space is different, and every client is different,” explains Robin. “But [both] the overall foundation of what we do and our goals to achieve are really simple. You pull everything out of the space, you sort like items, you purge what you no longer need, love or use and you come up with a creative plan for how you’re going to install it back in… then you create that system in a new way, and that’s what sticks.” Professional organizer

The seamless synchronicity of Robin and Dines is at the helm, meaning that the sky’s the limit for Life in Jeneral. With the expansion of their brand to Closets in Jeneral and Products in Jeneral, along with the opening of their new 5,000-square-foot HQ in El Segundo, the company is spreading joy the best way they know how—neatly folded and color-coordinated, of course! 


Jen and Nicole’s Essentials: Professional organizer

  1. Start small with drawer dividers.
  2. Containment for any space is key!
  3. Matching hangers are a must.
  4. Give yourself grace and stay positive—it’s okay to take breaks. 
  5. A label maker. 

Life in Jeneral
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