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9FIVE Eyewear Founder Mike Metcalf Gives Us His Version of a Great Week in SD

Photographed By: Grey Lockwood  9FIVE Eyewear

Expert: Mike Metcalf
Credentials: Owner & Director of Marketing for 9FIVE Eyewear


If I had a long weekend, I’ll head straight to a bar in Chula Vista called On the Rocks. Go for the drinks, stay for karaoke.



Taco Tuesday fam. Find a homie with the border speed pass and hit up Tacos El Franc in Tijuana. You can go ham AF and still walk away with a bill under $10, and they give you an entire roll of paper towels with every meal.



Someone just recently brought me to Coin-Op Game Room in North Park and I completely fell in lust. A full bar with the finest selection of ‘90s arcade games…I’ll spend all day here and not feel bad about it. Not one bit bruh.



Lolita’s in Eastlake will get you nice and plump before you head into the weekend. Fatten up with a Monster Burrito and slosh it down with a couple of their extra bloated craft beer offerings. About 1200-1800 calories per sitting. YOLO.



I like to go all-in at Karina’s in Otay Ranch Mall with a mariscos based breakfast. Back to sleep by 3 p.m.


Montevalle skatepark in Chula Vista is the closest one to my house. Let the week seep out of my pores as I live in the past.



Tavern + Bowl is a good place to watch whatever game might be on. For food, Lolita’s is next door. Strike!

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