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Apparel Provided By: Mimi & Red Accessories Provided By: Brachelle Jewelry @brachellejewelry

SD Fashion Blogger Erica Stolman Shares Her Inspirations and Style Tips

Stay Styling with Erica Stolman of FashionLush

Written By: Tyler Holland SD Fashion Blogger Erica Stolman Shares Her Inspirations and Style Tips FashionLush
Photographed By: Arielle Levy
Styled By: Erica Stolman
Hair & Makeup By: Cindy Stirling

The Expert: Erica Stolman, founder & fashion influencer
FB: FashionlushInstagram: @_fashionlush_Twitter: @fashionlushblog
Like a Boss: Her greatest inspiration is the fashion blogging industry.

From a young age, Erica Stolman seemed destined for the fashion industry. After receiving a degree in fashion merchandising with a minor in textile development, creating the successful fashion blog Fashionlush and working with brands like TopShop and Urban Outfitters, whatever promise she showed as an up-and-coming fashion influencer is now realized. With over 45, 000 followers across social media, people around the world look to Stolman to discover what’s new and interesting in the world of fashion as well as tips on how to improve their personal style. But for Stolman, style goes beyond fashion as followers of Fashionlush get insider tips on interior design as well as DIY. We sat down with her to learn about how she got into the fashion industry, her routines, inspirations and more.

Q: When did you first realize your love of fashion?
Erica Stolman: My mom was always into fashion and would dress me up in a way that was out of the box for my hometown of Nashville (i.e. pairing hightop Converse with fancy dresses, which is something I still do!). But eventually we moved to California where different styles were more accepted. When I was around 9 years old, I cut up one of my mom’s vintage Harley shirts and made it into a purse for her birthday. Considering I used a glue stick and safety scissors to put the thing together, she was pretty impressed and still has it to this day. At that moment, the whole family knew I was destined to do something in fashion.

Q: Where do you get your style inspiration?
ES: Off-duty models are a major inspiration for me! Their style is so cool, casual and effortless (think Kendall & Gigi street style). I am also a die-hard Mary Kate and Ashley fan. They have the absolute best style in the game.

Q: Who do you look up to in the fashion world?
ES: Fashion designers always amaze me. Diane Von Furstenberg, Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld, Olivier Rousteing (to name a few)—their talent and work ethic are unparalleled. I also really look up to all of my fellow influencers in the industry who are killing it! I love seeing all the girl-preneurs out there following their dreams and using their large social following to inspire others.

Q: When building a new wardrobe, what pieces should people focus on initially?
ES: People should focus first on building the skeleton of their wardrobe with a few versatile pieces: structured basics like a good blazer, quality jeans (skinny/flared/ripped/unripped), a pair of wide leg trousers, basic/soft T-shirts and a good pair of black ankle boots.

Q: If someone wants to buy a high-end piece, what should they look for and what should they avoid?
ES: Avoid buying trendy pieces from high-end retailers. Instead, look for a nice pair of black boots, a quality handbag and jeans (typically more expensive jeans have a much better fit!). I’m also totally OK with buying a lower-end piece and spending the money to get it altered so it fits perfectly. I often splurge on shoes and anything needed for special occasions, but I don’t believe in spending a fortune on your wardrobe—especially with the quick turnover of trends these days.

Q: What are the best beauty products for spring?
ES: A good nude lipstick, a contour kit (love contouring!), and a great highlighter to get that coveted dewy look.

Q: Are there any little-known shops in San Diego that fashionistas should know about?
ES: I do most of my shopping online, but I also love shopping vintage in my area. A few of my favorites are La Loupe (awesome vintage T-shirts), The Girl Can’t Help It (great archival pieces) and Hunt & Gather.

Q: What are your favorite fitness routines for maintaining a healthy lifestyle?
ES: I love boxing! It’s fast paced, fun, a total stress reliever and top models swear by it as the best workout. I go to Title boxing 2-3 times a week.

Q: What versatile hairstyles should people be on the lookout for this spring?
ES: I love a good mini top knot, a.k.a. the fun bun. Messy braids will also be making a big comeback this spring and the thicker the better! I don’t have a thick head of hair, sadly, so clip in extensions work great when looking for that chunky braided style.

Q: What care techniques do you recommend to keep clothes looking their sharpest longer?
ES: I don’t dry the majority of my clothes. I also always use color safe laundry products and avoid harsh chemical detergents. I also swear by my handy steamer & Downey Wrinkle Releaser (in my purse at all times!). Nothing kills a look quicker than a ton of wrinkles.

Q: What spring trends are you the most excited about?
ES: I’m excited for more baby doll dresses and moody floral prints. I’m also looking forward to incorporating more boho vibes into my wardrobe. Typically my fall style is more structured and minimalistic, so it’s always fun to switch things up a bit.

Q: Are there any tips you’d like to share for those looking at getting into fashion blogging?
ES: If you really are determined to be a fashion blogger, my main tips would be to stay consistent, produce quality and original content and don’t give up! Just like any career, success in blogging doesn’t happen overnight. It seems like everyone is a blogger these days, so be sure to find a niche that makes you a big fish in a small pond. Once you start gaining a following, be sure to make a strong effort to connect with your readers on a personal level.

Q: What beauty products do you recommend to keep that youthful and vibrant look, even on days when you aren’t feeling your best?
ES: I swear by rose water spray! It’s good for your skin and can help you achieve that youthful and vibrant look. I spray it on before my make-up to plump up my skin, after my make-up to give me a dewy look and halfway through the day to refresh my make-up. Rose water spray is everything.

Q: What is your personal beauty routine?
ES: Every night before bed I wash my face with EVE LOM cleansing salve. It’s the best cleanser of all time and has changed my skin dramatically! I then apply hyaluronic serum by Mortar & Pestle and, of course, a spritz (or 10) of rose water. I also love hydra-facials! Find a place in your area that does them, they will change your life!

Q: What hair care tips do you have for people who like to experiment with products and color changes?
ES: I love love love Kevin Murphy’s hair masks! They are amazing when it comes to repairing overly processed hair. I also put rose oil (different than rose water) on the ends of my hair after showering and some sort of heat protectant before hitting it with the flat iron/blow dryer. If you do color, make sure your salon uses Olaplex when dying your hair to protect against damage from bleaching. I also do a DIY coconut oil hair mask once every two weeks. I just slather it in my hair, throw it up in a top knot, put on a shower cap (looking good) and go to sleep. I rinse it off in the morning and my hair is so soft.

Q: Do you have any skincare regimens for shoots that have you spending long amounts of time in the sun?
ES: I always make sure all my make-up has sun protection. This way, if I forget to apply sunscreen, I know I am still covered. I also wear hats while I’m driving to prevent against getting too much sun on my face. As for shoots, I always set my make-up with a translucent powder to make sure it stays put throughout the day and bring along the lipstick I used for touch ups.

Take the Shot!: Erica’s favorite spots for shooting fashion spreads are North Park and downtown. “Those areas have a lot of good industrial and New York-looking areas with brick walls and alleyways behind businesses, which make for some amazing shots.”

Erica’s Top 5 San Diego Shops
La Loupe Vintage
The Girl Can’t Help It
Mimi and Red

P O S I T I V E L Y /// Lushing: Eric Stolman, the Blogger Behind, Talks Style and Inspiration.

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