Here’s a Secret Pop-up Dining Experience in Palm Springs You Won’t Want to Miss

Teleport to a Different Time at the Secretive PS Underground

Written By: Andrea Gomez
Photographed By: Nathan Cox PS Underground

Excitement grew and the last rays of sun settled in between palm tree fronds. Something special was brewing behind the walls of a nondescript building in Palm Springs. The doors opened and suddenly diners were transported away to a different time and place. Guests walked into a dark room. Italian music blared overhead as red and blue neon lights set the mood. Guests were seated in red gingham tables, and a candlelit glow enhanced the intimacy of the event.

Established six years ago, PS Underground is one of the area’s most secretive dining and entertainment experiences. PS Underground invites strangers to fall into friendly camaraderie and enjoy a show like no other. What started as a dinner between friends has transformed into one of the most innovative and cutting edge experiences in the desert. Themes range from the avant-garde but always meet at the intersection of food and theater. During a season, four to five shows are put on every week. Its recent That’s Amore-themed event was hosted by Gilmore Rizzo.

The food menu is never revealed beforehand which further compliments the theatrical aspects. Teased with the smells of Italian spices cooking nearby, the buzz of delightful uncertainty among the guests filled the air.

Conversations flowed in the cozy space as guests dived into the first course, a salad with an Italian twist. Crunchy greens dressed in savory dressing, mozzarella balls, croutons and a fresh burst of flavor from cherry tomatoes popped into each bite. After an interlude, Rizzo’s wistful memories of his family threw guests into their own nostalgic dream with the Italian Wedding Soup. The combination of wholesome veggies and handmade chicken meatballs was like a warm hug from nonna.

The third and main course of the event, lasagna al forno, featured layers of cheesy goodness, flavorful meat, veggies and sauce. Rizzo ended his show with a bittersweet anecdote about his mother, and the final course reflected that sentiment—tiramisu, warm roasted grapes and a refreshing blood orange sorbet. After three courses of savory food, dessert served as a reminder that life is a lot like food—it can be sweet, filling and delicious, but the most important thing is the memories you make from it.

PS Underground

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