See the Art of Cold War Kids and Incubus Band Members at Great Park’s RHYTHM Gallery

See the Artistic Works of Celebrated Musicians until Nov. 13

Written By: Nathan Whelan
Photographed By: Cat Mauter The Great Park’s RHYTHM Gallery

Brandon Boyd, Matt Maust, and Chad Smith are all names you might be used to seeing around the world at the most prominent music venues; but you might not anticipate them being printed on the wall of sleek and modern art exhibit in Orange County.

RHYTHM is the brainchild of curator Kevin Staniec, who had a vision of creating a multi-level experience in the Irvine Great Park Gallery centered around music that would be completely unique and engaging for guests of all ages.

The idea began when Kevin reached out to his friend Matt Maust of Cold War Kids to see if he would exhibit his work in an upcoming exhibition. Maust agreed and brought up the question, “How many other musicians also create art?”

The exhibit is made up of abstract art, and photographs, that were created as an expression of self. With musicians we are used to seeing musicians perform on stage in front of us, so seeing their art is a completely different experience.

Brandon Boyd of Incubus has three captivating watercolors on display in the gallery. Boyd says that he has been painting and drawing his entire life, and that as a child, painting was one of the few ways he was able to communicate. Now, his art has become another form of self-expression. His pieces displayed are powerful and intricate. Using a combination of watercolor techniques and specialized brushes, Boyd’s paintings resemble unexplored constellations that demand the attention of the viewer.

The musicians that participated in this project have sold well over 200 million albums combined. The magnitude of this becomes evident as you pass the panoramic crowd images from Moby’s 2011 international tour. The photographs show with amazing detail the thousands of concert goers that attended this tour. “People will stand here for hours looking at all the different faces in these photographs, ” says Staniec. The photographs are focused on the diversity of music lovers—how rhythm can bring so many different types of people together in one place.

Matt Maust provided ten pieces for the exhibit, and each is layered with personal stories and artifacts from his world travels while touring with indie rock band Cold War Kids. While touring, Maust carries an empty suitcase with him. To create his art pieces, he collects seemly random objects from city to city on tour: playbills, postcards, hotel stationery, and whatever else he feels encompasses the mood at that time or in that city.
Scene Four used light up gloves and drumsticks to record the drummer’s movements during 30-second exposures. The result was continuous streaks of light that trace the visual path of their artists’ sound.After acquiring the first few musicians for the project, he reached out to Scene Four, an LA-based art team, who started a collaborative art project featuring world famous drummers. RHYTHM features artwork from Chad Sexton (311), Dave Lombardo (Slayer), Bill Ward (Black Sabbath), and Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) who were all part of the Scene Four project. These drummers are featured in abstract photographs that play with color, light, and long exposure techniques to create the images.

Beyond the art displayed, this exhibit was designed to engage its viewers and bring people into the exhibit so they can see, hear, and feel the rhythm. Every Saturday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. there are local musical artists featured in the center of the spacious gallery. They play improvised pieces and interact with all aspects of the show. Across the palm court in the artist galleries, there is an interactive children’s experience. Children can create Van Gogh style self-portraits.

RHYTHM will also be presenting an interactive performance art exhibition for all ages. On Oct. 2 from 1-3 p.m., Irvine Valley College will present a community dance installation titled On Display: The Art of Movement. It is a national project headed by Heidi Latsky which explores movement and space.

RHYTHM is open now and will be on display at the Great Park Gallery through Nov. 13.

Orange County Great Park
6950 Marine Way
Irvine, CA 92618
See Your Favorite Musicians Artwork at the Great Park!

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