Photo by Park Street on Unsplash 2
Photo by Park Street on Unsplash 2

These 5 Skin Care Tips & Products from Wave Plastic Surgery and Valmont Will Have Your Friends Saying, “You’re How Old?!”

Here Are 5 Tips, Tricks & Products to Use for Younger, Glowing Skin

Written By: Brittany Lawrence
Photographed By: La Maison Valmont Skin Care Tips

It is no secret that your skin is important and deserves some extra TLC. Wave Plastic Surgery in Irvine is here to help! That’s right; they cover more than just plastic surgery. Wave Plastic Surgery carries multiple lines of high end skin care products which contain high concentrations of active ingredients. From acne and sun damage to general aging and gravity, Wave Plastic Surgery is ready to help you navigate your way to the products that are best for you.

One product line Wave Plastic Surgery carries in particular is Valmont, a Swiss company that started in 1985 and is known for its scientifically advanced anti-aging skin care products. Valmont has got your back and is bringing you five tips to keep your skin looking bright, young and healthy.


1 | No Really, the More the Better! Skin Care Tips

Many morning and nighttime skin care routines consist generally of a face wash, followed by a serum and then maybe a cream of some sort. Sound familiar? “You don’t have to use just one serum on your face; you can layer up using our l’Elixir des Glaciers Cure Majestueuse after applying your usual face serum and before the cream. This serum has a powerful blend of omegas and precious ingredients for visibly more radiant skin,” says Michelle Szabo, trade marketing manager at Valmont.

Native Knowledge: Wave Plastic Surgery is not just located in Irvine, as they also have locations in Arcadia, Los Angeles, Rowland Heights and San Francisco!


2 | Say Goodbye to Baggage Skin Care Tips

No matter who you are or how old you are, you do not want bags under your eyes. With eyes being so prominent, the eyes need a little extra care—especially when you miss out on those full eight hours of sleep. “Whether you are a mom on-the-go, traveling on long flights or just wanting your eyes to feel refreshed, our Valmont Eye Instant Stress Relieving Mask instantly smoothes and decongests the under eye area in only 20 minutes!” says Szabo.

Native Knowledge: Aside from skin care, Wave Plastic Surgery also offers surgical and non-surgical procedures like breast augmentations, laser hair removal and cool sculpting.


3 | Face Mask Friday, Anyone? Skin Care Tips

Face masks are not just a trend. Aside from the fact that they can be fun and relaxing, with the right mask, your skin will thank you. “Our Regenerating Collagen Mask Treatment is one-of-a-kind, as it is derived from native collagen and is beneficial for all skin types and best used after any medical procedure,” says Szabo. “Used as a once-a-week intensive treatment for five weeks, this mask will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated, deeply moisturized and your wrinkles will be smoothed.”

Native Knowledge: Wave Plastic Surgery does monthly specials! Head to their website to see what they have to offer—popular deals include a discount on breast augmentation or BOGO half-off a facial.

4 | Splish-splash Your Face Is Taking a Bath

A bubble bath for your face? Sign me up! Valmont’s Bubble Falls cleansing foam is a must. “With the combination of pro and prebiotics and Glacier spring water, this cleanser balances without stripping and lifts all dirt and residue from the skin while leaving it feeling refreshed and squeaky clean,” explains Szabo.

5 | Your Body Wants in on the Fun Too!

Skin care should not just stop at your face. “We all want beautiful skin from head to toe; therefore, by using our Valmont Body 24-hour anti-aging body cream, you’ll experience all-day, intense hydration for immediate long lasting softness!” says Szabo. Don’t leave your body out; after all, it’s all skin too! Besides, extra moisture never hurts!

Native Knowledge: Along with Valmont, Wave Plastic Surgery also offers 10 other skin care lines, including Latisse, NūFace and Skin Medica. 


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