Sofia Enriquez Combines Her Loves for Fashion and Art With These Hip Designs

Meet This Fashionista Who Paints her Artwork onto Her Designs

Written By: Kelly Emmer
Photographed By: Jane Chouteau The Fine Art of Design

Expert: Sofia Enriquez
Credentials: Artist Featured at The Fine Art of Design

Q: Are you a born and raised local? What made you want to pursue an artistic career?

Sofia Enriquez: I was born and raised in the Coachella Valley. I lived in Los Angeles for four years to attend Otis College of Art and Design. I decided to move back to the desert and create art here because there was more room here.

Q: Has art always been your career of choice? What passions have piqued your interest since the beginning?

SE: Fashion and art have always been my biggest passions. I originally went to Otis for fashion design, but I was more interested in repurposing thrift clothes and painting at a large scale than pattern making. I focused more on illustration and painting during college, but once I graduated I combined them both by painting on vintage clothing.

Q: They say it’s challenging to have a profitable business during the summer months here, and as you know many businesses close. What has been your philosophy of success for harder times?

SE: I just keep painting. It’s down time for a lot of people, but a great time to go out and explore to stay inspired. Honestly, it never really feels like work, it’s more like, ‘me time.’

Q: The Coachella Valley is a small, family-like community. Do you utilize any type of community-outreach or partnership to not only help your business thrive, but other local businesses as well?

SE: I work a lot of the Coachella Valley Art Scene non-profit events because it’s the kind of organization that helps other artists find a space to create. CVAS uses art as a tool to activate spaces and all kinds of people, and I’ve done a lot of murals on their behalf and have had opportunities to showcase my art.

Q: What motivates you to come to work every morning? Are there a variety of inspirations?

SE: Seeing something new is my biggest motivation. I have experienced art everyday. Sometimes it’s my personal work, a student’s work, a masterpiece, or something floating around online. My eyes crave change so I have to search for it or make it.

Q: Who are your role models?

SE: My mom and my aunt. Neither of them are artists, but I admire their work ethic and how they build trusting relationships with the people they work with. My aunt came to the US and found a job as a seamstress, though she had never sewn a day in her life. She learned as she went, and built strong personal relationships with her clients since she dressed so many of them. Now, after 20 years, she’s one of the most trusted seamstresses in the valley.

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Get to Know Sofia Enriquez, an Artist Featured at The Fine Art of Design

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