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A Quick Chat With ResortPass Founder Amanda Szabo

Written By: Nicole Hakim
Photographed By: Bhadri Kubendran

Expert: Amanda Szabo
Credentials: Founder of ResortPass



Q: What inspired you to create ResortPass?

Amanda Szabo: There are so many resorts in San Diego and all I wanted to do is lie by the pool, have a drink and go in the hot tub at hotels near where I live. I didn’t feel comfortable sneaking in, so I’m thinking these pools are empty a lot of the time; so why can’t I pay just to be there? I hadn’t been able to do that because hotels didn’t have a system, so I connected these two sides by providing that system for hotels to benefit from hotel day-guests.

Q: Which hotels have accepted and began selling ResortPass?

AS: There are a few. The first one was the Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa. They had a beautiful pool and a really nice spa. They benefitted from locals looking to use their pools and cabanas. Other hotels include the Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa and the Paséa Hotel & Spa, as well as hotels in Hawaii, Texas, Florida and Arizona.

Q: What sort of reactions have you had in response to ResortPass?

AS: People absolutely love it. We get such enthusiastic reactions from those who want to use it, and from those who have used it and had a daycation. They had such a great time with their family. This is actually something people have always wanted. People always sneak into hotels, but that’s not a great solution. With the ResortPass, they are treated like regular hotel guests, and people are happy that they are treated as such. They just love it, and they return again and again because it’s affordable.

Q: Have you used a ResortPass? What did you use it for?

AS: I did in the beginning when it was first launched. I booked a spa pass, and a girlfriend and I laid by the pool and had lunch and drinks; it was really good to have that experience. Now, personally, I’m too busy to take a daycation myself.

Q: What is the best part about creating a way for people to have a “daycation”?

AS: It makes me happy that people can enjoy luxury. They don’t have to sneak around, and the pass allows them justifying going to a hotel. It opens up more opportunities to people, and I look forward to allowing them the opportunity to experience it.

Q: What do you have planned for the future in regards to ResortPass?

AS: We are expanding, adding more hotels and resorts. On top of that, we’re doing a lot to help hotels with management concerning their amenities. We’re providing them with better online software so they can maximize their non-room amenity activities with both better technology and marketing.  

Work, Work, Work, Work: Szabo is now too busy to enjoy the product, but she loves that she is able to bring that experience to other people.

Cali Origins: ResortPass was launched in May 2016, operating in San Diego, Palm Desert and Santa Barbara. It’s now extended to Orange County, Los Angeles, Napa Valley and Texas, Florida, Hawaii, New Mexico and Arizona.


Photoshoot Location:
AquaVie Fitness and Wellness Club
234 Broadway
San Diego, CA 92101

Spend the Day At A Luxury Hotel Pool or Spa Minus the Room Fee

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