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From LED Features to a Horsepower of 800, the BRABUS WIDESTAR Should Be Your Next Vehicle  

Written By: Gaby Garcia

When it comes to luxury automobiles, Orange County is a virtual showroom of high-end, exotic whips. There’s one ride, however, that challenges the definition of “extra” in this competitive space and it’s the BRABUS WIDESTAR. Germany-based BRABUS starts with a base model Mercedes Benz G 550 or G 63 and tunes it into a super customized, high performance, power off-roader that is as much muscle as it is bling. The result is a head-turning WIDESTAR that comes in 700 or 800 horsepower variations, with interior and exterior finishes that are as limitless as the imagination (and wallet) will allow! Here are five reasons why this vehicle must be yours!


#1 | A Powerful Steed

The BRABUS 800 Package gives the G 63 an additional 215 horses, which translate into a total of 800 horsepower for the twin-turbo engine. The tuned engine produces significantly more torque and outstanding driving performance for an off-roader. Staying in the city and in a rush to get to dinner at Corona del Mar? No worries—the BRABUS supercar sprints from rest to 62 mph in just 4.1 seconds.

“With its lower displacement and higher horsepower, the 2019 Mercedes Benz G 63’s new engine power plant makes it a lot peppier to start,” says head of marketing for BRABUS, Cameron Tokumoto. “When we swap out the existing turbos and remap the ECU with a new performance module, the end result is super powerful 800 horsepower G wagon with a smoother ride and better handling over uneven or rough terrain than its predecessor.”


#2 | Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Every BRABUS supercar is a custom production and tailored to the driver’s preferences.  Custom elements include a seemingly infinite selection of leather, carbon fiber, wood and stitch options, including the popular “Rising Diamond” quilting on the seat center sections that is applied with pinpoint precision.

“Customers can do anything they want as far as [the] interior goes,” says Tokumoto. “We offer noble-wood or carbon fiber inlays in a full spectrum of colors, various fine leathers and interior package accessories. We have over a couple hundred variances of stitch patterns alone.”

#3 | A Star Is Born

Stunning LED-lighting features adorn the car’s exterior and interior. Integrated LEDs illuminate the running boards between the flares as soon as a door handle is pulled or when the central locking system is keylessly activated by approaching the vehicle. Simultaneously, BRABUS logos in the fender attachments behind the front flares light up. And as part of the optional “starry sky” headliner, hundreds of glass fiber optics change color in sync with the ambient lighting of the entire interior.

#4 |
Pure Platinu

BRABUS’ “Platinum Edition” option brings Monoblock, high-tech, 23-inch forged wheels into the equation, setting the vehicle even further away from the crowd.

“Our forged wheels are stronger, lighter, more resilient and stiffer than cast wheels,” explains Tokumoto. “Because the 23-inch size wheel is so uncommon on the road, our technology partners Yokohama, Continental and Pirelli have designed custom tires to suit this size wheel.”  The BRABUS Monoblock is not just a pretty face; “We TUV road-test the wheel-tire configuration in Germany for potholes, high speed and impact in order to ensure the highest level of safety,” says Tokumoto.


#5 | Only One

BRABUS’ stainless-steel sport exhaust system adds both functionality and finesse. While optimizing performance and adding striking visual highlights with two tailpipes exiting in front of the rear wheels on either side, the sport exhaust system also allows the driver to control the vehicle’s sound. Through actively controlled exhaust flaps, the car features an integrated sound management, allowing the driver to choose between the subtle “Coming Home” mode and the distinctly sporty V8 sound in “Sport” mode. 

“We have celebrity customers, of course, but most of BRABUS’ customers are just normal people looking for a high quality product that is unique and tailored to themselves,” says Tokumoto. “They want something that is one-of-a-kind and represents their style.”

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