Confidence Is Key—Even During COVID

Written By: Kaylin Waizinger
Photography Provided By: Liftique Summer Body

Summer is in full swing, and while you may not be out and about due to current circumstances, there’s no reason not to look and feel your best! Newport Beach’s Liftique is a precision aesthetic and sexual wellness practice ready to help you achieve your goals. Led by founder and breast cancer survivor Meryl Kern, Liftique is a place of tender care, honesty and openness. “We want to offer a safe place where our clients feel comfortable,” says Kern. So whether you want to slip into a bikini with confidence or feel fabulous in your fall wardrobe, the Liftique team is here to listen to your story and help find the right treatment for you.

“It’s all about that inner confidence,” says Kern. Unlike other botox and plastic surgery clinics, however, Liftique encourages clients to feel confident at the age they currently are. “The window for looking 20 years younger has passed. The goal is to look the best you can at the age you are,” she explains. In order to help clients achieve this version of themselves, Liftique offers a variety of surgical and noninvasive treatments and procedures that target cellulite, sagging skin, unwanted belly fat, bladder issues and more. 

“There are so many different technologies available,” says Dr. Michael Hakimi, board certified plastic surgeon and chief medical director of Liftique. “My goal at Liftique is to be able to offer a spectrum of surgical and non-surgical procedures to give people options that suit them and their lifestyle.” 

Given that not everyone may want to undergo surgery, Liftique provides a variety of minimally invasive treatments that yield incredible results. One of these procedures is SnapBack Lipo, which removes unwanted fat in just one procedure! According to Dr. Hakimi, SnapBack Lipo contours your body by removing unwanted fat deposits by targeting your “trouble spots”—places that you aren’t seeing change no matter how much you exercise or diet. The result is a more youthful, natural and shapely appearance. 

If loose or sagging skin isn’t your biggest worry, Liftique also offers a Bye Bye Cellulite procedure that diminishes the dimpled, bumpy texture of the skin. More than 80% of women have unwanted cellulite—so if this is you, you’re not alone! “The Bye Bye Cellulite treatment uses tiny needles and radio frequency heat to melt the fat in the areas that are protruding,” explains Dr. Hakimi. By melting the fat beneath the surface, your skin’s integrity and elasticity improves. “The results are really two-fold,” he explains.

Now ladies, admitting things you don’t like about yourself can undoubtedly be a raw experience. Liftique not only has a top-of-the-line doctor, but they are ready to listen to your feelings, engage with you and help you leave feeling confident and taken care of. Dr. Hakimi says, “When someone walks into Liftique, my hope is to be able to educate them and provide both surgical and nonsurgical options.” So whether you have a full-time job and need something quick and effective or you’re prepared for some downtime, Liftique is eager to help you restore your confidence and create the best version of yourself! Summer Body

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