Photography Provided By: Mo's Crib 
Photography Provided By: Mo's Crib 

These South African Sisters Created a Sustainable, Ethical Home Decor Company

This South African Home Brand Succeeds Through Sustainability and Community 

Focusing on sustainability has become an increasingly important condition for many shoppers over the last few years. From the style and quality of the product to being able to truly know how it is made, trying to find brands that live up to all of these expectations can be overwhelming. While it can be difficult to know where and how to shop sustainably, companies like Mo’s Crib are bringing customers eco-friendly products while maintaining an impressive and creative style with a story. Mo’s Crib Home Decor

“Michelle and I come from a poverty-stricken background, and we’ve had to use nothing but our own resources.”—Mo Mokone Mo’s Crib Home Decor

Photography Provided By: Crate & Barrel

Mo’s Crib was started by South African sisters Mo and Michelle Mokone. Since creating their brand, the Mokone sisters have managed to create job opportunities for locals in their small town of Pretoria, South Africa, all while producing sustainable and eco-friendly planters and baskets made from recycled PVC water pipes. “Our mission was really to manufacture sustainable products that are made from unique materials that you wouldn’t expect,” explains Mo Mokone. “Also, being that the unemployment rate is so high in our small community, we wanted to provide job opportunities for local men and women to make a real change.”

Local Insight: While Mo’s Crib does employ a handful of men who contribute greatly to the business, women make up about 90% of the staff at this female-led company. Mo’s Crib Home Decor

Described as a “natural born artist” by her sister Michelle, Mo developed a skill for origami while in London, leading her to eventually be inspired to sell her creations at a local market. “We never expected to sell as many items as we did, but people loved them!” exclaims Michelle. “Eventually, we came up with the PVC baskets, and by 2019, we were running a full-time business.” Now, Mo’s Crib products are available for direct purchasing through Crate & Barrel, one of the most popular and sought-after furniture brands in the United States.

Mo’s Crib Home Decor
Photography Provided By: Mo’s Crib

Local Insight: Even during the global pandemic, Mo and Michelle managed to seal the deal on all of their biggest contracts from the comfort of their own bedrooms while wearing pajamas! Mo’s Crib Home Decor


“Michelle and I come from a poverty-stricken background, and we’ve had to use nothing but our own resources,” explains Mo. “I think what I’ve been most proud of throughout this journey is the hussle that we’ve both had. We are 100% self-funded. Everything that we’ve created from so little really is amazing.”

Mo’s Crib

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