Thrifted Halloween Costumes
Credit: Andrea Domjan Model: Ella Maio, Brand Models and Talent,
Thrifted Halloween Costumes
Credit: Andrea Domjan Model: Ella Maio, Brand Models and Talent,

It’s Spooky Szn! Here Are 6 Halloween Costume Ideas to Thrift This Year

OC Goodwill Is Here to Help You Hone Your 2023 Halloween Look

Ghosts, goblins and ghouls—oh my! Spooky season is here, which means it’s time to start considering your costume choices for Halloween. With parties happening all month long, it can be pretty pricey to dress up for every occasion. Lucky for you, OC Goodwill has plenty of stylish selections that won’t break the bank!

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Whether you’re looking to travel back in time with a Steampunk aesthetic, honor Hispanic heritage by donning Día de los Muertos attire or honing the traditional witchy wardrobe, we’ve rounded up the best Halloween costumes you can find at OC Goodwill this year. Be sure to check out their new Anaheim location (one of the largest in OC!) for an amazing selection of clothing and other thrifted items!


Day of the Dead

Black Lace Dress: $7.99

Halloween Costumes
Credit: Andrea Domjan
Model: Ella Maio, Brand Models and Talent,

Although this costume has a sultry and mysterious appeal, Día de los Muertos is a sacred time to celebrate loved ones who have passed away. Rather than mourn the loss, this timeless tradition is a way to keep their spirit alive. Flip through the racks for the perfect little black dress, and if you are unable to find a sugar skull mask at your local OC Goodwill store, you can always wow partygoers by doing your own makeup.


Boo Chella

White Lace Dress: $14.99
Daisy Sunglasses: $5.99

Are you a bohemian babe that loves all things music and dancing? If so, this is the costume for you! From the moment you enter the party, people will be drawn to your good vibes and free spirit. All it takes to pull this look together is a lace dress, some funky sunglasses and maybe a flower crown if you’re trying to take it to the next level.



Hat: $10.99
Purple Velvet Dress: $14.99
Cloak: $9.99

This classic costume never gets old, and there’s a reason why dressing up as a witch has appealed to different generations. The witch is scary because she possesses a power unlike any other. Whether she is stirring up potions in her cauldron or casting spells on others, witches can be charming, mysterious and eerie all wrapped into one. Embody this feminine allure by slipping into a spellbinding dress, covering up with a cloak and completing the look with a pointed hat.



Hat: $14.99
Corset: $ 10.99
Black Blouse: $11.99

History and fantasy collide with this eccentric costume style. Steampunk is a tribute to vintage fashion and science fiction with a modern and sassy twist. Think post-apocalyptic attire with a contemporary flair. Because of its cinched corsets, timeless top hats and metal goggles, steampunk is anything but minimalist. The best part about this funky fashion trend? There’s no wrong way to do it!


Mystical Vibes

Flower Skirt: $7.99
Shimmer Bodysuit: $6.99

Thrifted Halloween Costumes
Credit: Michael Cruz

Maybe it’s the set of wings or all the glitter—either way, you have to admit that there is something magical about a mystical fairy roaming through a sea of people. This costume is easy to put together in a pinch thanks to the one-of-a-kind fairy fashion at OC Goodwill, where even Tinkerbell will be jealous of your style. Be on the lookout for a tulle skirt, shimmery top and of course, a pair of enchanting wings. Pixie dust is optional (but definitely recommended).


Diva Dolls

Thrifted Halloween Costumes
Credit: Michael Cruz

Step into Barbie World and channel your inner Barbie or Ken with a flashy and fun ensemble that’ll surely make you the main character of any Halloween party this year. OC Goodwill’s new Diva Dolls collection is perfect for curating the ultimate Barbie-approved outfit (pink convertible not included). Sift through the racks and piece together a chic outfit—this year, we’re channeling Stereotypical Barbie vibes in honor of our girl crush, Margot Robbie.


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